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Sphinx Extension for Yii 2

This extension adds Sphinx full text search engine extension for the Yii framework 2.0. It supports all Sphinx features including Real-time Indexes.

For license information check the LICENSE-file.

Documentation is at https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2-sphinx/blob/master/docs/guide/README.md.

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At least Sphinx version 2.0 is required. However, in order to use all extension features, Sphinx version 2.2.3 or higher is required.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-sphinx

or add

"yiisoft/yii2-sphinx": "~2.0.0"

to the require section of your composer.json.


This extension interacts with Sphinx search daemon using MySQL protocol and SphinxQL query language. In order to setup Sphinx "searchd" to support MySQL protocol following configuration should be added:

    listen = localhost:9306:mysql41

To use this extension, simply add the following code in your application configuration:

return [
    'components' => [
        'sphinx' => [
            'class' => 'yii\sphinx\Connection',
            'dsn' => 'mysql:host=;port=9306;',
            'username' => '',
            'password' => '',


Yii Framework 2 sphinx extension Change Log

2.0.16 under development

  • no changes in this release.

2.0.15 November 18, 2022

  • Bug #127: Fixed warning "Undefined array key" in Query at facets collecting when moving to PHP 8.1 (kulikov6)

2.0.14 December 30, 2021

  • Enh #123: Added implementation of methods for creating, deleting and updating real-time index schema for Sphinx version 3 (troizet)

2.0.13 February 22, 2020

  • Bug #114: Fixes exception "Call to a member function getSnippetSource() on array" when call \yii\sphinx\ActiveQuery::search broken by v2.0.11 (miketsoft)

2.0.12 July 02, 2019

  • Bug #111: Fixed SQL error when running Yii 2.0.21+ (brandonkelly)

2.0.11 September 23, 2018

  • Bug #101: Fixed yii\sphinx\ActiveQuery::all() unable to follow instructions given by method indexBy() (bitdevelopment)

2.0.10 February 13, 2018

  • Bug #90: Fixed yii\sphinx\Schema::findColumns() unable to merge 'field' and 'attribute' columns with same name (maz0717, klimov-paul)
  • Bug #92: Fixed yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder::buildInCondition() incompatibility with PHP 7.2 (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #93: yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder::callSnippets() now automatically casts snippet source to string (klimov-paul)
  • Enh: yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder now supports Traversable objects for use in in conditions (klimov-paul)

2.0.9 November 03, 2017

  • Bug #75: Fixed empty MVA field value is fetches as array with null element instead of empty array (batyrmastyr, klimov-paul)
  • Bug #78: Fixed yii\sphinx\Query::where() does not add params from directly passed yii\db\Expression (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #82: Fixed yii\sphinx\Query::select() does not apply alias for yii\db\Expression value (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #83: Fixed yii\sphinx\ActiveRecord::update() causes attribute value lost in case of field update (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #87: Fixed yii\sphinx\Command::getRawSql() does not parse float params (klimov-paul)
  • Bug: Usage of deprecated yii\base\Object changed to yii\base\BaseObject allowing compatibility with PHP 7.2 (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #73: isRuntime field of yii\sphinx\IndexSchema renamed to isRt for consistency with official docs (klimov-paul)

2.0.8 May 15, 2017

  • Bug #71: Fixed PHP type for sql_attr_timestamp attribute incorrectly detected as string (klimov-paul)

2.0.7 February 15, 2017

  • Bug #69: Fixed yii\sphinx\Query::andFilterWhere() quotes integer column value in case comparison operator is used (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #67: Added support for yii\db\QueryInterface::emulateExecution() to force returning an empty result for a query (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #70: Added filterMatch() method to yii\sphinx\MatchExpression to allow easy addition of search filter conditions by ignoring empty search fields (klimov-paul)

2.0.6 September 02, 2016

  • Bug #8: Fixed usage of the float values in SphinxQL bound params (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #45: Fixed yii\sphinx\Schema unable to determine primary key for distribute index (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #61: Fixed yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder::callSnippets() unable to handle 'match' specified as yii\db\Expression instance (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #26: Added yii\sphinx\Query::groupLimit allowing limit matches in 'group by' (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #53: Added yii\sphinx\MatchExpression allowing advanced composition of 'MATCH' expressions (sa-kirich, klimov-paul)
  • Enh #56: yii\sphinx\Schema now able to get schema for distributed index in case at least one (not only the first one) of local indexes is available (kdietrich, klimov-paul)
  • Enh #58: Added fallback for distributed index columns detection at yii\sphinx\Schema (klimov-paul)

2.0.5 September 23, 2015

  • Bug #13: Fixed yii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider breaks the pagination if yii\data\Pagination::validatePage enabled even, if yii\sphinx\Query::showMeta is not set (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #21: yii\sphinx\Query unable to retrieve facet named in camel-case notation (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #27: Fixed yii\sphinx\ActiveQuery::search() produces 'unbuffered query' error if 'facet' or 'show meta' are used (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #30: Fixed yii\sphinx\ActiveQuery does not perform typecast for condition values (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #31: Fixed yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder::buildInCondition() fails produces invalid SphinxQL for empty values (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #43: Fixed yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder::buildWithin() does not define sort order for SORT_ASC (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #11: yii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider now disables yii\data\Pagination::validatePage automatically if yii\sphinx\Query::showMeta is set (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #11: yii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider now disables yii\data\Pagination::validatePage automatically if yii\sphinx\Query::showMeta is set (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #17: Using total_found instead of total in yii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider::prepareTotalCount (lmuzinic)
  • Enh #29: Added yii\sphinx\Command automatically skips null values while inserting data (klimov-paul)

2.0.4 May 10, 2015

  • Enh: Fetching 'SHOW META' info added to yii\sphinx\Query (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #2053: Added fixture support via yii\sphinx\ActiveFixture (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #5234: Facets fetching added to yii\sphinx\Query (klimov-paul)

2.0.3 March 01, 2015

  • Bug #7198: yii\sphinx\Query no longer attempts to call snippets for the empty query result set (Hrumpa)

2.0.2 January 11, 2015

  • Bug #6621: Creating sub query at yii\sphinx\Query::queryScalar() fixed (klimov-paul)

2.0.1 December 07, 2014

  • Bug #5601: Simple conditions in Query::where() and ActiveQuery::where() did not allow yii\db\Expression to be used as the value (cebe, stevekr)
  • Bug #5634: Fixed yii\sphinx\QueryBuilder does not support comparison operators (>,<,>= etc) in where specification (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #6164: Added missing support for yii\db\Exression to QueryBuilder LIKE conditions (cebe)
  • Enh #5223: Query builder now supports selecting sub-queries as columns (qiangxue)

2.0.0 October 12, 2014

  • Enh #5211: yii\sphinx\Query now supports 'HAVING' (klimov-paul)

2.0.0-rc September 27, 2014

  • Bug #3668: Escaping of the special characters at 'MATCH' statement added (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #4018: AR relation eager loading does not work with db models (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #4375: Distributed indexes support provided (klimov-paul)
  • Bug #4830: ActiveQuery instance reusage ability granted (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #3520: Added unlinkAll()-method to active record to remove all records of a model relation (NmDimas, samdark, cebe)
  • Enh #4048: Added init event to ActiveQuery classes (qiangxue)
  • Enh #4086: changedAttributes of afterSave Event now contain old values (dizews)
  • Enh: Added support for using sub-queries when building a DB query with IN condition (qiangxue)
  • Chg #2287: Split yii\sphinx\ColumnSchema::typecast() into two methods phpTypecast() and dbTypecast() to allow specifying PDO type explicitly (cebe)

2.0.0-beta April 13, 2014

  • Bug #1993: afterFind event in AR is now called after relations have been populated (cebe, creocoder)
  • Bug #2160: SphinxQL does not support OFFSET (qiangxue, romeo7)
  • Enh #1398: Refactor ActiveRecord to use BaseActiveRecord class of the framework (klimov-paul)
  • Enh #2002: Added filterWhere() method to yii\spinx\Query to allow easy addition of search filter conditions by ignoring empty search fields (samdark, cebe)
  • Enh #2892: ActiveRecord dirty attributes are now reset after call to afterSave() so information about changed attributes is available in afterSave-event (cebe)
  • Enh #3964: Gii generator for Active Record model added (klimov-paul)
  • Chg #2281: Renamed ActiveRecord::create() to populateRecord() and changed signature. This method will not call instantiate() anymore (cebe)
  • Chg #2146: Removed ActiveRelation class and moved the functionality to ActiveQuery. All relational queries are now directly served by ActiveQuery allowing to use custom scopes in relations (cebe)

2.0.0-alpha, December 1, 2013

  • Initial release.


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