veyselsahin/yii2-giix Extended Gii for Yii 2 Framework



Extended models and CRUDs for Gii, the code generator of Yii2 Framework


What is it?

Yii2-Giix provides templates for model and CRUD generation with relation support and a sophisticated UI. A main project goal is porting many features and learnings from yii2-giiant, gtc, giix, awecrud and others into one solution.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

composer.phar require veyselsahin/yii2-giix:"*"

The generators are registered automatically in the application bootstrap process, if the Gii module is enabled


Visit your application's Gii (eg. index.php?r=gii and choose one of the generators from the main menu screen.

For basic usage instructions see the Yii2 Guide section for Gii.

Command Line Batches

You can run batches of base-model and CRUD generation with the build in batch command:

./yii giix-batch --tables=profile,social_account,user,token

It will process the given tables, for more details see ./yii help giix-batch.


Model generator

  • generates separate model classes to customize and base models classes to regenerate
  • table prefixes can be stipped off model class names (not bound to db connection setting)

CRUD generator

  • model, view and controller locations can be customized to use subfolders
  • horizontal and vertical form layout
  • action button class customization
  • input, attribute, column and relation customization with provider queue
  • callback provider to inject any kind of code for inputs, attributes and columns via dependency injection


  • CallbackProvider universal provider to modify any input, attribute or column with highly flexible callback functions
  • RelationProvider renders code for relations (eg. links, dropdowns)
  • EditorProvider renders RTE, like Ckeditor as input widget
  • DateTimeProvider renders date inputs

Use custom generators, model and crud templates

    $config['modules']['gii'] = [
            'class'      => 'yii\gii\Module',
            'allowedIPs' => [''],
            'generators' => [
                // generator name
                'rb-model' => [
                    //generator class
                    'class'     => 'veyselsahin\giix\model\Generator',
                    //setting for out templates
                    'templates' => [
                        // template name => path to template
                        'rbModel' =>


Customization with providers

In many cases you want to exchange i.e. some inputs with a customized version for your project. Examples for this use-case are editors, file-uploads or choosers, complex input widget with a modal screen, getting data via AJAX and so on.

With Yii2-Giix Providers you can create a queue of instances which may provide custom code depending on more complex rules. Take a look at some existing giix providers.

Configure providers, add this to your provider list in the form:


And configure the settings of the provider, add setting via dependecy injection this to your application config, eg. in console/config/bootstrap.php:

        'columnNames' => ['description']

This will render a Ckeditor widget for every column named description.

<?= $form->field($model, 'description')->widget(
    'options' => ['rows' => 6],
    'preset' => 'basic'
]) ?>

Universal CallbackProvider

Configuration via DI container:


        'activeFields'  => [

            * Generate a checkbox for specific column (model attribute)
           'common\models\Foo.isAvailable' => function ($attribute, $generator) {
               $data = \yii\helpers\VarDumper::export([0 => 'Nein', 1 => 'Ja']);
               return <<<INPUT
\$form->field(\$model, '{$attribute}')->checkbox({$data});

        'columnFormats' => [

            * generate custom HTML in column
           'common\models\Foo.html' => function ($attribute, $generator) {

               return <<<FORMAT
    'format' => 'html',
    'attribute' => 'item_id',
    'value'=> function(\$model){
        return \yii\helpers\Html::a(\$model->bar,['/crud/item/view', 'id' => \$model->link_id]);

            * hide all text fields in grid
           '.+' => function ($column, $model) {
                    if ($column->dbType == 'text') {
                        return false;

            * hide system fields in grid
           'created_at$|updated_at$' => function () {
                   return false;



A detailed description how to use MySQL workbench for model updates and migration see here.


php yii.php giix-batch --modelDb=cafees --modelBaseClass=common\models\VysModel --modelNamespace=backend\models --tables=gruplar,sinav,sinav_sonuc

php yii.php giix-batch --modelDb=cafees --modelBaseClass=common\models\VysModel --modelNamespace=backend\models


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