udokmeci/yii2-beanstalk Yii2 Beanstalk Client at the top of Paul Annesley's pheanstalk



Yii2 beanstalkd web and console component which is an interface on the top of pda/pheanstalk. Thanks Paul Annesley for such a complete work.

How to use?

Installation with Composer

Just add the line under require object in your composer.json file.

  "require": {
    "udokmeci/yii2-beanstalk" : "^1.0.0"

Then run

$> composer update


Now add following lines in to your main and console configuration file under components

    'class' => 'udokmeci\yii2beanstalk\Beanstalk',
    'host' => '', // default host
    'port' => 11300, //default port
    'connectTimeout' => 1,
    'sleep' => false, // or int for usleep after every job 

Now add following in to your console configuration only.

'params' => $params,
// add you controller with name and class name next to params.
'controllerMap' => [
    'worker' => [
        'class' => 'app\commands\WorkerController',


Now if everything is fine, you can run beandstalkd and access to controller as

    ->putInTube('tube', $mixedData, $priority, $delay);

$mixedData is added on v1.0 for complex usage. Anything else then string will be send as json format. So you can sent anything within it suppoted by json.


For worker it also has a built in controller which runs an infinite loop and wait for new jobs. Most of the work is done in BeanstalkController. All you have to do is to create a controller and action like below.


Create a controller under your commands folder. Give the name anything you want to it and extend your controller from udokmeci\yii2beanstalk\BeanstalkController

Example Controller
namespace app\commands;

use udokmeci\yii2beanstalk\BeanstalkController;
use yii\helpers\Console;
use Yii;

class WorkerController extends BeanstalkController
  // Those are the default values you can override

  const DELAY_PRIORITY = "1000"; //Default priority
  const DELAY_TIME = 5; //Default delay time

  // Used for Decaying. When DELAY_MAX reached job is deleted or delayed with 
  const DELAY_MAX = 3; 

  public function listenTubes(){
    return ["tube"];

   * @param Pheanstalk\Job $job
   * @return string  self::BURY
   *                 self::RELEASE
   *                 self::DELAY
   *                 self::DELETE
   *                 self::NO_ACTION
   *                 self::DECAY
  public function actionTube($job){
        $sentData = $job->getData();
        try {
           // something useful here

           if($everythingIsAllRight == true){
                fwrite(STDOUT, Console::ansiFormat("- Everything is allright"."\n", [Console::FG_GREEN]));
                //Delete the job from beanstalkd
                return self::DELETE; 

           if($everythingWillBeAllRight == true){
                fwrite(STDOUT, Console::ansiFormat("- Everything will be allright"."\n", [Console::FG_GREEN]));
                //Delay the for later try
                //You may prefer decay to avoid endless loop
                return self::DELAY; 

                return self::NO_ACTION;

           fwrite(STDOUT, Console::ansiFormat("- Not everything is allright!!!"."\n", [Console::FG_GREEN]));
           //Decay the job to try DELAY_MAX times.
           return self::DECAY; 

           // if you return anything else job is burried.
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            //If there is anything to do.
            fwrite(STDERR, Console::ansiFormat($e."\n", [Console::FG_RED]));
            // you can also bury jobs to examine later
            return self::BURY;
Running Worker

Running console is the easiest part. Run ./yii Your controller

$> php ./yii worker

Controller will tell you, whether there are actions for correspanding tubes or beanstalk server is accessible and which tubes are listening currently. The controller handles with signals. So exit whenever you want, reserved job will not be hanged.

Any forks are welcome.


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