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SkeekS CMS (Yii2)




SkeekS CMS - modern generic content management system based on yii2 php framework.

It provides capabilities to manage site structure and content elements (news, publications, products, etc.).

Opportunities for management and dynamic creation of additional properties of the content sections and elements through the administration system.

Opportunities to manage users, privileges, roles and their purpose.

Supports single query entry point (one index.php), for backend and frontend parts of the project. By then, it is more convenient to configure nginx and apache.

Almost every page of the site - content item or section. Each of these models has some povdeniem availability of additional properties. Therefore, any product publkatsii, news, etc. It has a set of common properties, which are described in the model, and a set of dynamically created properties, through the administration system.

This versatility allows you to easily create any site, without writing and design of additional models and migration. What idelalno for quickly writing conventional nevysokonagruzhennyh projects (this does not mean that you can not write highly loaded projects).

Just have marketpleys the CMS for this, which is constantly updated with useful solutions.

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SkeekS CMS admin panel

SkeekS CMS admin panel

SkeekS CMS admin panel

SkeekS CMS admin panel


SkeekS CMS (Yii2) — quickly, easily and effectively! |




  • Dialog select elements


  • mysq 5.7 migrate update


  • @bower
  • Removed todos


  • Fixed bugs


  • Composer installer update


  • Composer installer update
  • Translate


  • Image not found http exception


  • Enabled url normalizer by default


  • Fixed TreeMenuCmsWidget


  • Fixed


  • Fixed admin php info url


  • Range values
  • New related value types
  • Deleted user restrict
  • Add Properties of elements in tree
  • Change the form of editing elements


  • new rp boolean value
  • drop list_type


  • Fixed select file
  • Fixed rp


  • Using paulzi/yii2-auto-tree
  • Removed skeeks\cms\base\CheckComponent
  • Removed skeeks\cms\traits\ValidateRulesTrait
  • Removed skeeks\cms\Config
  • Change code folder /src
  • Url changes


  • Filter rewrite sql


  • Fancybox return v2.*
  • Fixed admin url
  • Fixed fancybox
  • Fixed login url
  • Uploads files for new not saved models (change \skeeks\cms\models\behaviors\HasStorageFile)

  • Fixed fancybox
  • Url changes
  • ContentElementsCmsWidget new setting isJoinTreeMap
  • allowDeselect PropertyTypeElement
  • Documentation about working with the url

  • Add docs
  • Fixed admin js
  • Fixed admin urls


  • Removed \skeeks\cms\widgets\rbac\PermissionForRoles
  • Go to https
  • CmsContentElement added ->cmsTrees


  • Updated CmsContentElementWidget
  • Updated TreeMenuCmsWidget
  • Showing links in the tree
  • Fixed admin tree
  • Fixed image urls
  • Url Rewrites
  • CmsSite added property rootCmsTree


  • Delete _all dir
  • Updated cluster local
  • Good improvement widgets allows you to use begin() end() design
  • Completion form controls
  • Created skeeks\cms\widgets\Pjax Widget
  • Complete rebuilding of sections of the tree widget
  • Correction of translations
  • Update urls
  • Updated seo filter behavior
  • Completion widgets upload files
  • Update HasTrees
  • Tree url update


  • Batch control properties


  • Fixed a bug when editing widgets with big data.
  • Updated HasTree behavior

  • Search for additional user properties

  • Change log level

  • Change related properties saver
  • CmsContentElementWidget add options


  • Fixed bugs



  • UrlManager configuration for the console application
  • i18n logs

  • Add site and lang filters
  • Fixed search element
  • Fixed css for toolbar
  • Fixed bug

  • Fixed bug

  • Fixed admin urls
  • Change admin urls

  • Fixed notices

  • Tree full width

  • Fixed sort grid
  • Fixed notices

  • Fixed notices

  • Added handling of absence js and css files
  • Generate username


  • Fixed bug. Edit view files


  • Stable release


  • Revision filters
  • Fixed bugs


  • Revision filters
  • Loading forms with default values
  • Adding filters in admin
  • Changes in compoWidget
  • Added phone Mask
  • Fixed admin bug
  • Fixed a serious bug


  • mihaildev/yii2-elfinder: 1.1.3


  • Changes in UrlHelper::construct();


  • Updated CmsAccessControl


  • Fixed a critical bug for downloading files by unauthorized users
  • Removed @admin/views


  • Fix bugs cluster local
  • Changed dependence composer


  • Rewrote the logic configuration files download
  • To use \Yii::$app->langugae
  • Removed rbac. In a separate package skeeks/cms-rbac
  • Removed skeeks\cms\helpers\Request
  • Begain using kartik-v/yii2-datecontrol
  • Changed menu
  • Removed ssh. In a separate package skeeks/cms-ssh-console
  • Removed yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer dependency
  • Removed skeeks/cms/base/Module
  • Removed dbDump. In a separate package skeeks/cms-db-dumper
  • Removed marketplace. In a separate package skeeks/cms-marketplace
  • Cancel use cms base controller
  • Fixed email submit and templates
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Fixed set unsafe attributes in the base component
  • Removed global const BACKUP_DIR
  • Removed global const COMMON_RUNTIME_DIR
  • Removed global const APP_DIR
  • Removed global const SKEEKS_DIR
  • Removed global const GETENV_POSSIBLE_NAMES
  • Removed global const ENABLED_MODULES_CONF
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Removed Cms::moduleCms()
  • Removed Cms::moduleAdmin()
  • Removed templates. In a separate package skeeks/cms-view
  • Configs updated
  • Removed admin. In a separate package skeeks/cms-admin
  • Removed AdminController::EVENT_INIT
  • Renamed i18N component
  • Removed agents. In a separate package skeeks/cms-agent
  • Removed class ConnectToDbForm
  • Removed class DbDsnHelper
  • Removed StatusColumn class
  • Fixed serious bug not allowing to use configuration files function. For example: on beforeRequest => function ($e){};
  • Removed captcha
  • Removed class skeeks\cms\base\console\Controller
  • Removed authclient. In a separate package skeeks/cms-authclient
  • Change component connect admin menu
  • Removed http auth
  • Removed DescriptionFullColumn, DescriptionShortColumn
  • Removed _ide/_back
  • Removed seo. In a separate package skeeks/cms-seo
  • Removed some settings in seo component
  • Rewritten classes urlRules


  • i18n update
  • Removed cmsSearch. In a separate package skeeks/cms-search
  • Remove the old properties of CMS components
  • Agent Management Settings moved to the config
  • \Yii::setAlias('template', '@app/views/'); is removed
  • Correcting typos


  • Removed is deprecated
  • Rewritten cmsToolbar
  • Rewritten view actions
  • Removed I18NDb. In a separate package skeeks/cms-i18n-db
  • Disabled event ADMIN_READY
  • Updated translation functionality
  • Removed columns files_depricated in cms_tree and cms_content_element
  • Completely rewritten mechanism of personal user cabinet
  • Remove the old classes
  • Sitemap updated
  • Removed UserAction
  • Closed personal user profiles!
  • Removed skeeks\cms\models\TreeMenu
  • Rewrite admin actions
  • Removed skeeks\cms\modules\admin\actions\modelEditor\AdminOneModelSystemAction

  • Fixed column ids
  • Fixed user column data
  • Update log message group

  • Fixed user edit bugs
  • Added the ability to configure the maximum and minimum display records in tables
  • Remote download link files option is enabled CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION
  • Change filter element in content element grids


  • Updated admin content elements in grids
  • Minimal user name length is increased
  • Adding a field in the user table of email and phone
  • Revert failed migrations
  • You can customize the grid AdminRelatedGridView
  • Disabled ajax response {test: test} to the sections and pages of content elements
  • Styling toolbar

  • Fixed an important bug, an incorrect config cache, after the agent

  • Fix upload errors
  • Disabling skeeks cms panels, at the time of launch and debug modules gii
  • Fix admin bugs
  • Drop user is depricated columns (city, address, info, files, status_of_life)
  • Drop restrict index in cms_storage_file

  • Update smart content element filters
  • Fix bugs for windows


  • It is ready


  • fix bugs


  • Removed dependency yiisoft/yii2-gii
  • Removed dependency yiisoft/yii2-debug
  • Big refactoring
  • deleted references to class skeeks\cms\App
  • Added new dependency ifsnop/mysqldump-php
  • Removed skeeks\cms\components\GiiModule
  • Removed skeeks\cms\exceptions\NotConnectedToDbException
  • Removed skeeks\cms\base\Action
  • Removed skeeks\cms\base\Session
  • Removed skeeks\cms\base\DbSession
  • Removed skeeks\cms\components\CmsSettings
  • Removed skeeks\cms\console\controllers\ComposerController
  • Removed skeeks\cms\checks\MysqlDumpCheck
  • Removed skeeks\cms\checks\InstallScriptCheck
  • Removed skeeks\cms\checks\GitClientCheck
  • Major changes to work with the creation of the database dump and its recovery
  • AssetManager LinkAssets options by default false
  • Updated admin info
  • Fixed searchRelatedProperties
  • Added caching tree for multiselect
  • Added elements to favorites users
  • Removed dependency skeeks/yii2-kartik-markdown
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the content in the administrative part, an additional property with code properties


  • Deleted is deprecated fields from cms_storage_file
  • Deleted class skeeks\cms\widgets\ModelStorageFileManager
  • Adding the priority clusters file storage
  • Fixed critical bug with memory consumption when displaying files in the widget select file
  • Optimized widget content items
  • Added option to obtain all the descendants of the section element
  • Fixed critical bug with memory consumption when displaying files in the repository. There was at moments showing a large number of elements.
  • Revision of validation of additional properties + added examples:
  • Caching data tree to build the select element
  • Revision the model related properties


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4.0.0-alpha13 is the latest of 155 releases

GPL-3.0+ license
80 github stars & 47 github forks
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