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Yii2 Simple Filter Module

Yii2 Simple Filter Module v0.9.1dev

Not compatible with older versions, because methods names were changed!



How to install and configure modlue on clear Yii2 Base application (video):

Install module through composer


$ php composer.phar require --prefer-dist sanex/yii2-simple-filter "dev-master"

or add

"sanex/yii2-simple-filter": "dev-master"

to the require section of composer.json file.

Last step: add 'enablePrettyUrl' => true to the urlManager in config file.

Module not working with 'enablePrettyUrl' => false!

How to use?


In controller, which has view (main view), where you want show data with filter, you must create object with instance of SimplyFilter module and set to him parameters:

use sanex\simplefilter\SimpleFilter;


$model = new Catalog;

$ajaxViewFile = '@sanex/catalog/views/catalog/catalog-ajax';

$filter = SimpleFilter::getInstance();
    'model' => $model,
    'query' => $query,
    'useAjax' => true,
    'useCache' => true,
    'useDataProvider' => true,

$ajaxViewFile - alias (or path) to ajax view, where you want to show data. You must create that view file before continue.

setParams() properties:

model - model, which data need to filter;

query - (optional) - \yii\db\ActiveQuery object, see below;

useAjax - (optional, if not set - true) you can choose between Ajax or non-Ajax filtering by setting this parameter to boolean true or false values;

useCache - (optional, if not set - false) if (bool) true - return cached data, if (int) value - cache duration in seconds;

useDataProvider - (optional, if not set - false) if (bool) true - return data in Ajax View as dataProvider, if (bool) false or not set - return data as model;

As default, result query with filter looks like SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 'catalog' WHERE 'color' IN ('Green', 'Red')

If you want create custom query with filter you must set query parameter in setParams() method with \yii\db\ActiveQuery object as method parameter, that contain query parameters.

$query = new \yii\db\ActiveQuery($model);
$query->select(['id', 'name', 'size', 'price', 'country'])->where(['country' => 'Canada'])->orderBy(['price' => SORT_ASC]); 

Method limit() of \yii\db\ActiveQuery object can set parameter 'pagination' => ['pageSize' => $this->limit], of ActiveDatapProvider object.

$query = new \yii\db\ActiveQuery($model);

If limit() method not set, then limit for each query will set to default value - 50 rows per page.

If you want to use custom pagination with this filter, you can get offset from GET-paremeter page. Need to know, what for page values 0 and 1, offset value will 0, for all other values - will calculated by formula (page - 1) * limit.

In main view, you must call setFilter() method contain array with filter parameters.

Note! property must be same as names of table columns which you want to filter, and values must be same as this columns data.

Main View

        'property' => 'color',
        'caption' => 'Color',
        'values' => [
        'class' => 'horizontal'
        'property' => 'size',
        'caption' => 'Size',
        'values' => [

You can set additional class or classes to each filters group by setting class property. This filter has two default style for checkbox: horizontal and vertical class for vertical checkboxes placement. If class property not set, used horizontal class as default. You can set class value as string: 'class' => 'horizontal additional class' or as array: 'class' => ['vertical', 'additionalClass']

Then, where you want to render ajax view with filtered data, call renderAjaxView() method:

$filter->renderAjaxView($ajaxViewFile, ['testParam' => $testParam]);

$ajaxViewFile - Ajax View file;

(array)$ajaxViewParams - (optional) parameters, that will be send to ajax view.

Ajax View

In ajax view, you can get filtered data (model or dataProvider) through $simpleFilterData variable.

Note! Module pass to ajax view only data! You must create in that ajax view <table></table> or use GridView widget to show data, same way as with all other Yii2 models!


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