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Base components for Yii2 projects and modules

This repository contains very basic building blocks for modules and projects used by Opus Online. As the components are very specific to the projects and modules involved, this repository is probably of little public interest.



  • BlameableBehavior - auto-fills created_by and updated_by fields
  • SafeSaverBehavior - provides saveSafe($attributes) method to AR models
  • TimestampBehavior - auto-fills created_at and updated_at fields
  • QueryLanguageBehaviour - adds functionality to generate links with query languages with ease
  • ResponseFormatBehavior - auto-assigns responseType according to response header in Response object

Running tests

Run composer install and then in the project root directory



  • 1.2 - Added ResponseFormatBehavior
  • 1.1 - Added JsVariablesBehavior, QueryLanguageBehaviour
  • 1.0 - Initial commit


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