kartik-v/yii2-grid Yii 2 GridView on steroids. Various enhancements and utilities for the Yii 2.0 GridView widget.


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Yii2 GridView on steroids. A module with various modifications and enhancements to one of the most used widgets by Yii developers. The widget contains new additional Grid Columns with enhanced settings for Yii Framework 2.0. The widget also incorporates various Bootstrap 3.x styling options. Refer detailed documentation and/or a complete demo. You can also view the grid grouping demo here.

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Release Changes

NOTE: Refer the CHANGE LOG for details on changes to various releases.

New features with release 2.7.0.

  1. A brand new column ExpandRowColumn has been added which allows one to expand grid rows, show details, or load content via ajax. Check the ExpandRowColumn documentation for further details. The features available with this column are:
    • Ability to expand grid rows and show a detail content in a new row below it like a master detail record.
    • Allows configuring the column like any grid DataColumn. The value of the column determines if the row is to be expanded or collapsed by default.
    • Allows you to configure/customize the expand and collapse indicators.
    • Ability to configure only specific rows to have expand/collapse functionality.
    • Ability to disable the expand / collapse behavior and indicators for selective rows.
    • Allows you to configure the detail content markup directly in the column configuration (using detail property). This can be set as a HTML markup directly or via Closure callback using column parameters.
    • Allows you to load the detail content markup via ajax. Set the detailUrl property directly or via a Closure callback using column parameters.
    • Automatically caches the content loaded via ajax so that the content is rendered from local on toggling the expand/collapse indicators, until the grid state is changed via filtering, sorting, or pagination.
    • Ability to batch expand or batch collapse grid rows from the header. If content is loaded via ajax, the batch expand and collapse will fire the ajax requests to load and use intelligently from cache where possible.
  2. Included prepend and append settings within pageSummaryOptions to prepend/append content to page summary.
  3. All asset (JS & CSS) files have been carefully isolated to only load them if the specific grid feature has been selected.
  4. Enhancements for JS confirmation popups being hidden by browser's hide dialog settings.
  5. Recursively replace/merge PDF export configuration correctly.
  6. Include demo messages for auto generating via config.
  7. Allows grouping grid column data, including master detail groups and generating group summaries (since v3.0.5).
  8. Allows special formatting of data for cells exported in Excel Format.

NOTE: This extension depends on other yii2 extensions based on the functionality chosen by you. It will not install such dependent packages by default, but will prompt through an exception, if accessed. For example, if you choose to enable PDF export, then the yii2-mpdf will be mandatory and exception will be raised if yii2-mpdf is not installed. Check the composer.json for other extension dependencies.

How to contribute via a pull request?

Refer this git workflow for contributors.


The extension has been created as a module to enable access to advanced features like download actions (exporting as csv, text, html, or xls). You should configure the module with a name of gridview as shown below:

'modules' => [
   'gridview' =>  [
        'class' => '\kartik\grid\Module'



The following functionalities have been added/enhanced:

Table Styling (Enhanced)

Control various options to style your grid table. Added containerOptions to customize your grid table container. Enhancements for grid and columns to work with yii\widgets\Pjax.

Grid Grouping (New)

With release v3.0.5, the module allows grouping of GridView data by setting various group related properties at the kartik\grid\DataColumn level. The following functionalities are supported:

  • Ability to group and merge similar data for each column.
  • Allow multi level/complex grouping and making a sub group dependent on a parent group.
  • Allow displaying grouped data as a separate grouped row above the child rows.
  • Allow configuring and displaying of group level summary rows.
  • Summaries can be setup as a group footer OR a group header.
  • Summaries intelligently embed between sub-groups and parent groups.
  • Summaries can include auto calculated values (for numbers) at runtime based on previous child column data.
  • Summaries can include advanced calculations using a javascript callback configuration.
  • Ability to merge columns in the summary group header or footer.
  • Complex configurations of groups will allow - group properties to be set dynamically using Closure.
  • Allow you to style your group cells in various ways including setting odd and even row CSS properties.

Pjax Settings (New)

Inbuilt support for Pjax. Enhancements for grid and columns to work with yii\widgets\Pjax. Auto-reinitializes embedded javascript plugins when GridView is refreshed via Pjax. Added pjax property to enable pjax and pjaxSettings to customize the pjax behavior.

Custom Header & Footer (New)

Add custom header or footer rows, above / below your default grid header and footer.

Resizing Columns (New)

Allows resizing of the columns just like a spreadsheet (since v3.0.0). Uses the JQuery ResizableColumns plugin for resize and store.js for localStorage persistence.

Floating Header (New)

Allows the grid table to have a floating table header. Uses the JQuery Float THead plugin to display a seamless floating table header.

Panel (New)

Allows configuration of GridView to be enclosed in a panel that can be styled as per Bootstrap 3.x. The panel will enable configuration of various sections to embed content/buttons, before and after header, and before and after footer.

Toolbar (New)

The grid offers ability to configure toolbar for adding various actions. The default templates place the toolbar in the before section of the panel. The toolbar is by default styled using Bootstrap button groups. Some of the default actions like the export button is by default appended to the toolbar. With version v2.1.0, if you are using the yii2-dynagrid extension it automatically displays the personalize, sort, and filter buttons in the toolbar. The toolbar can be configured as a simple array. Refer the docs and demos for details.

Grid Plugins (New)

The grid now offers ability to plugin dynamic content to your grid at runtime. A new property replaceTags has been added with v2.3.0. This allows you to specify tags which will be replaced dynamically at grid rendering time and wherever you set these tags in any of the grid layout templates.

Page Summary (New)

This is a new feature added to the GridView widget. The page summary is an additional row above the footer - for displaying the summary/totals for the current GridView page. The following parameters are applicable to control this behavior:

  • showPageSummary: boolean whether to display the page summary row for the grid view. Defaults to false.
  • pageSummaryRowOptions: array, HTML attributes for the page summary row. Defaults to ['class' => 'kv-page-summary warning'].

Export Grid Data (New)

This is a new feature added to the GridView widget. It allows you to export the displayed grid content as HTML, CSV, TEXT, EXCEL, PDF, & JSON. It uses the rendered grid data on client to convert to one of the format specified using JQuery. This is supported across all browsers. The PDF rendering is achieved through a separate extension yii2-mpdf.

Features offered by yii2-grid export:

  • Ability to preprocess and convert column data to your desired value before exporting. There is a new property exportConversions that can be setup in GridView. For example, this currently is set as a default to convert the HTML formatted icons for BooleanColumn to user friendly text like Active or Inactive after export.
  • Hide any row or column in the grid by adding one or more of the following CSS classes:
    • skip-export: Will skip this element during export for all formats (html, csv, txt, xls, pdf, json).
    • skip-export-html: Will skip this element during export only for html export format.
    • skip-export-csv: Will skip this element during export only for csv export format.
    • skip-export-txt: Will skip this element during export only for txt export format.
    • skip-export-xls: Will skip this element during export only for xls (excel) export format.
    • skip-export-pdf: Will skip this element during export only for pdf export format.
    • skip-export-json: Will skip this element during export only for json export format. These CSS can be set virtually anywhere. For example headerOptions, contentOptions, beforeHeader etc.
  • With release v2.1.0, you can now merge additional action items to the export button dropdown.
  • With release v2.3.0 the export functionality includes these additional features:
    • A separate export popup progress window is now shown for download.
    • Asynchronous export process on the separate window - and avoid any grid refresh
    • Set export mime types to be configurable
    • Includes support for exporting new file types:
      • JSON export
      • PDF export (using yii2-mpdf extension)
    • Adds functionality for full data export
    • Enhance icons formatting for export file types (and beautify optionally using font awesome)
    • Ability to hide entire column from export using hiddenFromExport property, but show them in normal on screen display.
    • Ability to do reverse of above. Hide column in display but show on export using hidden property.
  • Adds ability to integrate a separate extension for full data export i.e. yii2-export.

Toggle Grid Data (New)

This extension (with v2.3.0) adds ability to toggle between viewing all grid data and paginated data. By default the grid displays paginated data. This can be used for exporting complete grid data.

Data Column (Enhanced)


The default Yii data column has been enhanced with various additional parameters. Refer documentation for details.

Enum Column (New)


This is a new grid column class available from release v3.2.7 that extends the \kartik\grid\DataColumn class. It allows you to configure and display a dynamic content / markup for each of the cell attribute values based on enumerated $value => $content pairs.

Expand Row Column (New)


An enhanced data column that allows one to expand a grid row and display additional/detail content in a new row below it either directly or via ajax. Refer documentation for details.

Editable Column (New)


An enhanced data column that allows you to edit the cell content using kartik\editable\Editable widget. You can selectively choose to disable editable for certain rows or all rows. Refer documentation for details.

Formula Column (New)


This is a new grid column class that extends the \kartik\grid\DataColumn class. It allows calculating formulae just like in spreadsheets - based on values of other columns in the grid. The formula calculation is done at grid rendering runtime and does not need to query the database. Hence you can use formula columns within another formula column. Refer documentation for details.

Refer documentation for details.

Boolean Column (New)


This is a new grid column class that extends the \kartik\grid\DataColumn class. It automatically converts boolean data (true/false) values to user friendly indicators or labels (that are configurable). Refer documentation for details. The following are new features added since release v1.6.0:

  • BooleanColumn icons have been setup as ICON_ACTIVE and ICON_INACTIVE constants in GridView.

Radio Column (New)


This is a new grid column that works similar to the CheckboxColumn, but allows and restricts only a single row to be selected using radio inputs. In addition, it includes a header level clear button to clear the selected rows. It automatically works with the new pageSummary and includes a default styling to work for many scenarios. Refer documentation for details.

Action Column (Enhanced)


Enhancements of \yii\grid\ActionColumn to include optional dropdown Action menu and work with the new pageSummary and a default styling to work for many scenarios. Refer documentation for details. The following are new features added since release v1.6.0:

  • ActionColumn content by default has been disabled to appear in export output. The skip-export CSS class has been set as default in headerOptions and contentOptions.

Serial Column (Enhanced)


Enhancement of \yii\grid\SerialColumn to work with the new pageSummary and a default styling to work for many scenarios. Refer documentation for details.

Checkbox Column (Enhanced)


Enhancements of \yii\grid\CheckboxColumn to work with the new pageSummary and a default styling to work for many scenarios. Refer documentation for details.


You can see detailed documentation and demonstration on usage of the extension. You can also view the grid grouping demo here.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.


Note: Check the composer.json for this extension's requirements and dependencies. You must set the minimum-stability to dev in the composer.json file in your application root folder before installation of this extension OR if your minimum-stability is set to any other value other than dev, then set the following in the require section of your composer.json file

kartik-v/yii2-grid: "@dev",
kartik-v/yii2-krajee-base: "@dev"

Read this web tip /wiki on setting the minimum-stability settings for your application's composer.json.


Either run

$ php composer.phar require kartik-v/yii2-grid "@dev"

or add

"kartik-v/yii2-grid": "@dev"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


use kartik\grid\GridView;
$gridColumns = [
    ['class' => 'kartik\grid\SerialColumn'],
        'class' => 'kartik\grid\EditableColumn',
        'attribute' => 'name',
        'pageSummary' => 'Page Total',
        'editableOptions'=>['header'=>'Name', 'size'=>'md']
        'value'=>function ($model, $key, $index, $widget) {
            return "<span class='badge' style='background-color: {$model->color}'> </span>  <code>" . 
                $model->color . '</code>';
        'class' => 'kartik\grid\ActionColumn',
        'dropdown' => true,
        'urlCreator' => function($action, $model, $key, $index) { return '#'; },
        'viewOptions'=>['title'=>$viewMsg, 'data-toggle'=>'tooltip'],
        'updateOptions'=>['title'=>$updateMsg, 'data-toggle'=>'tooltip'],
        'deleteOptions'=>['title'=>$deleteMsg, 'data-toggle'=>'tooltip'], 
    ['class' => 'kartik\grid\CheckboxColumn']
echo GridView::widget([
    'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
    'filterModel' => $searchModel,
    'columns' => $gridColumns,
    'containerOptions' => ['style'=>'overflow: auto'], // only set when $responsive = false
                ['content'=>'Header Before 1', 'options'=>['colspan'=>4, 'class'=>'text-center warning']], 
                ['content'=>'Header Before 2', 'options'=>['colspan'=>4, 'class'=>'text-center warning']], 
                ['content'=>'Header Before 3', 'options'=>['colspan'=>3, 'class'=>'text-center warning']], 
            'options'=>['class'=>'skip-export'] // remove this row from export
    'toolbar' =>  [
            Html::button('&lt;i class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus">&lt;/i>', ['type'=>'button', 'title'=>Yii::t('kvgrid', 'Add Book'), 'class'=>'btn btn-success', 'onclick'=>'alert("This will launch the book creation form.\n\nDisabled for this demo!");']) . ' '.
            Html::a('&lt;i class="glyphicon glyphicon-repeat">&lt;/i>', ['grid-demo'], ['data-pjax'=>0, 'class' => 'btn btn-default', 'title'=>Yii::t('kvgrid', 'Reset Grid')])
    'pjax' => true,
    'bordered' => true,
    'striped' => false,
    'condensed' => false,
    'responsive' => true,
    'hover' => true,
    'floatHeader' => true,
    'floatHeaderOptions' => ['scrollingTop' => $scrollingTop],
    'showPageSummary' => true,
    'panel' => [
        'type' => GridView::TYPE_PRIMARY


yii2-grid is released under the BSD-3-Clause License. See the bundled LICENSE.md for details.


Change Log: yii2-grid

Version 3.3.2

Date: under development

  • (enh #906): Allow setting page summary colspan direction (ltr or rtl)
    • set via column's pageSummaryOptions['data-colspan-dir'] property
  • (bug #907): Fixed bug with undefined offset inside rendering summary row when using string columns keys (Yuriy Mamaev)

Version 3.3.1

Date: 17-May-2019

  • Implement stale bot.
  • (enh #902): Ability to merge columns at page summary (via pageSummaryOptions['colspan'] set at column level).
  • (enh #901): Update Latvian Translations.
  • (enh #896): Enhance generation of pjax container identifier.
  • (bug #889): Correct nested expand row validation.
  • (enh #888): Enhance BooleanColumn data rendering for grid export.
  • (bug #885, #886): Fix for CheckboxColumn::checkboxOptions to be set as Closure.
  • (enh #884): Fix for jQuery 3.x - replace jQuery.load with jQuery.ajax.
  • (enh #882): Update Ukranian Translations.

Version 3.3.0

Date: 12-Mar-2019

  • (enh #881): Allow page summary to be positioned via pageSummaryPosition (GridView::POS_TOP or GridView::POS_BOTTOM).
  • (enh #879): Implement itemsLabelAccusative and message token items-acc.
  • (enh #878): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #874): Allow control of export config hashing via new boolean property GridView::hashExportConfig.
  • (enh #870): Correct grid grouping rowspan for grouped rows.

Version 3.2.9

Date: 07-Dec-2018

  • (enh #864): Unique columnKey property in grid columns.
  • (enh #862): Enhance ExpandRowColumn behavior to support multiple expand row columns per grid.
  • (enh #859): Harmonized asset namespaces.

Version 3.2.8

Date: 09-Nov-2018

  • (bug #854): Correct grid export to allow parsing new lines in content (for CSV/TEXT).
  • (enh #853): Correct grid grouping for child groups with repeating values.
  • (enh #852): Correct grid grouping for grids without grid footer.
  • Update README.

Version 3.2.7

Date: 03-Nov-2018

  • (enh #847): Add new grid column EnumColumn.
  • (enh #846): Enhance Grid Grouping to better parse multi level group footers.
  • (enh #843, #844): Add ability to have different exportConversions for specific export type.
    • For example from_pdf and to_pdf will be used instead of from and to. If only to_pdf is set then from and to_pdf will be used.
  • (enh #840): Update Persian Translations.
  • (enh #839): Enhancements to export form functionality.

Version 3.2.6

Date: 09-Oct-2018

  • Update composer dependencies.
  • Enhance ExportController HTTP headers.
  • (enh #837): Various enhancements to grid export styling.
  • (bug #835): Correct rendering error due to code change in core GridView in yiisoft/yii2.

Version 3.2.5

Date: 27-Sep-2018

  • Bump up version.

Version 3.2.4

Date: 22-Sep-2018

  • (enh #829): Enhancements in parsing Bootstrap CSS classes (ref: kartik-v/yii2-krajee-base#100).
  • (enh #828): Enhance ActionColumn::dropdownButton to be setup as a callback.

Version 3.2.3

Date: 22-Sep-2018

  • Implement kartik\base\BootstrapInterface.

Version 3.2.2

Date: 20-Sep-2018

  • Enhance ExpandRowColumn default row css for Bootstrap 4.x.
  • Enhance styling and behavior for Bootstrap 4.x.
  • (enh #826): Update Ukrainian Translations.

Version 3.2.1

Date: 12-Sep-2018

  • (bug #817): Correct properties for BootstrapTrait use.

Version 3.2.0

Date: 10-Sep-2018

  • Enhance grid loading CSS for Bootstrap 4.x card layout.
  • (enh #820): Ability to strip HTML tags for columns from export.
  • (enh #819): Enhance grid export generation for PJAX grids (correct timestamp).
  • (enh #818): Correct PDF Export Generation response.
  • (enh #816): Fix typo in check if has xlFormat.

Version 3.1.9

Date: 07-Sep-2018

  • Refactor code and consolidate / optimize properties within traits.
  • Enhancements to grid sort (include numerical indicators).
  • Enhancements to support bootstrap v4.x.
  • Enhancements for updated perfect scrollbar plugin.
  • (bug #813, #814): Correct Krajee Dialog plugin init.
  • (enh #805): Configure translated properties for MPDF .

Version 3.1.8

Date: 18-Jul-2018

  • Reorganize source code in src directory as per yii2 standards.
  • (enh #805): Update Polish Translations .
  • (enh #799): Update Portugese Brazilian Translations .
  • (bug #798, #797): Correct decimal part validation.
  • (enh #795): Update floatTHead plugin to latest version.
  • (enh #793): Update Farsi Translations.
  • (bug #791): Correct PHP Doc for getDataCellValue method in ColumnTrait.
  • (enh #789): Correct resizeableColumns plugin init with floatThead.
  • (enh #787): Correct grid group summary decimal formatting for whole numbers.
  • (enh #786): Correct docs for grid group footer/header customCallback.
  • (enh #781): Add deprecated support for ActionColumnAsset.
  • (enh #770, #771): Add grid filter support for the Krajee NumberControl.
  • (enh #767): Add capability to format ExportMenu spreadsheet cells.
  • Update copyright year to current.
  • (enh #766): Correct export for EditableColumn when asPopover = false.
  • (enh #760): Use request getQueryParam instead of $_GET.
  • (enh #756): Correct default CSS class for toolbarContainer.
  • (bug #755): Correct grid group summary row to consider hiddenFromExport and hidden properties.
  • (enh #754): Enhance group summary number formatting for integers.
  • (bug #752): Correct string position validation for layout tokens.
  • (enh #747): Remove unnecessary variable declaration $grid.
  • (enh #746): Enhance to allow configurable toolbar container.
  • (enh #739): Update Portuguese Brazilian Translations.
  • (enh #733): More correct jQuery usage.
  • (bug #730): Fix comma errors in message files.
  • (enh #729): Update Polish Translations.

Version 3.1.7

Date: 23-Nov-2017

  • (bug #726, #727): Fixed translation key for French language.
  • (enh #724): Update Farsi translations.
  • (enh #723): Update Chinese translations.
  • (enh #721): Update Turkish translations.
  • (enh #720): Update Czech translations.
  • (bug #716): Correct init of ActionColumn delete confirmation message. Now data-confirm can be passed instead of message to set the delete confirmation message within ActionColumn::deleteOptions.
  • (enh #713): Correct message translations.
  • (enh #712): Enhance Gridview loading styling.
  • (enh #711): Correct German translations.
  • (enh #710): GridView translation enhancements.
    • New GridView properties itemLabelFew &itemLabelMany
    • Enhance translations for all message files
  • Update contribution templates.
  • (enh #702, #703): Update German, Italian, and French translations.

Version 3.1.6

Date: 22-Oct-2017

  • (enh #701): Enhance and simplify ActionColumn delete action.
  • (enh #700): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #699): Enhance ActionColumn to consider new pjaxDelete flag.
  • (enh #698): Update Spanish Translations.
  • Simplify kv-merged-header CSS in kv-grid.css.
  • (enh #696): New properties itemLabelSingle and itemLabelPlural to be allowed for use in grid summary and action column.
  • (bug #695): Correct perfect scrollbar JS script.
  • (enh #693): Add Brazilian Portugese Translations.
  • (enh #690): Add ability to configure one's own module identifier.
  • (enh #689, #688, #609): Correct expand row column behavior when used with grid grouping (to be tested for all grouping use cases).
  • (enh #687): Update to the latest floatThead plugin version.
  • (enh #684): Enhancements to ActionColumn button rendering.
  • (enh #672): Simplify module code.
    • Eliminate dependency on Yii Session to generate exportEncryptSalt
    • Create new Demo class to manage grid demo message translations
  • (bug #671): Initialize checkbox column asset more correctly.
  • (enh #666, #658): Enhance export to render header with perfectScrollbar and floatOverflowContainer.
  • (enh #664): Allow to specify Editable class in editableOptions.

Version 3.1.5

Date: 09-Jun-2017

  • (bug #659): Fix session issue that is not applicable for console apps.
  • (enh #654): Update Polish Translations.
  • (enh #649): Update Hebrew Translations.
  • (enh #644): Do not show the button if there are no actions.
  • (enh #635): Update Chinese Traditional Translations.

Version 3.1.4

Date: 08-Jun-2017

  • Updates to copyright year.
  • (enh #626): Correct expand row jquery events to start with kvexprow: instead of kvexprow..
  • (bug #624): Call floatThead('reflow') after resizing columns so that the floating head is also resized.
  • (enh #619): Correct nested expanded rows using GridView::ROW_EXPANDED.
  • (enh #604): Fix PDF class name check error.
  • (enh #601, #572): Silently disable PDF when dependency is not available.
  • (enh #600): Enhance security for ExportController actions using a stateless signature to prevent data tampering:
    • New property Module::exportEncryptSalt available to generate a stateless hashed signature.
    • If exportEncryptSalt is not set, it will be randomly generated and stored in a session variable.
    • Export settings will be signed and the same data via POST will be cross checked using yii\base\Security::hashData and yii\base\Security::validateData.
  • Code enhancements for grid group.
  • (enh #592): Convert encoding for non UTF-8 content in CSV and Text exports.
  • (enh #588): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #587, #586): Fix for expanding row on init.
  • (enh #542): More correct group summation.

Version 3.1.3

Date: 22-Oct-2016

  • Update message config to include all default standard translation files.
  • (enh #584): Update Vietnamese Translations.
  • (enh #583): Add Gujarati and Hindi Translations.
  • (enh #581): Update Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #580): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #579, #542): Allow thousandSep config for grid group summary.
  • (enh #578): Update Italian Translations.
  • (enh #565): Better exported content parsing for header, footer, and page summary.
  • Enhance PHP Documentation for all classes and methods in the extension.
  • (enh #564): Enhance page summary to render within table body and add new propertyGridView::pageSummaryContainer.
  • (enh #562): Enhance EditableColumnAction to support model scenario as a parameter.
  • (enh #561): Enhance ExpandRowColumn to better support nested grid views and nested tree expansion.
  • (bug #557): Update Ukranian Translations.
  • (bug #556): Correct expandRow behavior when using with detailUrl pjax form.
  • (enh #554): Add ability to configure delete confirmation message within ActionColumn::deleteOptions.

Version 3.1.2

Date: 17-Aug-2016

  • (enh #541, #543): Update French translations.
  • (bug #538): Correct export callback validation
  • (bug #537): Correct export arg validation
  • Add github contribution and issue/PR logging templates.
  • (bug #532): Correct export download when using without confirm alert.
  • (kartik-v/yii2-editable#124): Set output value after model save in EditableColumnAction.
  • (enh #519): Toggle all data correction for non pjax grids.
  • (enh #517): Allow nested grids as part of ExpandRowColumn.
  • (enh #515): Implement ajax delete with pjax refresh for default delete action in ActionColumn.
  • (enh #514): Implement Krajee Dialog for all alerts and confirmation.
  • (enh #513): Fix renderColumnGroup for DataColumn with options and groupedRow.
  • (enh #511): Select all option in grid view.
  • (enh #510): Update French translations.
  • (enh #507): Purify HTML content for GridView HTML export.
  • (enh #506): Correct toggle data confirmation.
  • (enh #508, #505): Replaced ExportController::getPostData by native Yii::$app->request->post().
  • (bug #504): Fix toggle data minCount validation.
  • (enh #500): Raw data value attribute for grid columns grouping.
  • (enh #499): Option to set the value of the checkbox.
  • (enh #498): Option to set the checkbox attribute of checkboxColumn.
  • (enh #496): Add BOM to UTF-8 encoded text/CSV exports.
  • (enh #494): Add Latvian translations.
  • (enh #490): Update Russian translations.
  • (enh #485): Add Estonian translations.
  • (enh #481): Add Ukranian translations.
  • (enh #480): Enhance EditableColumnAction to find model better.
  • (enh #479): Update default bootstrap css for HTML export of grid.
  • (enh #476): Improve responsiveness and control resizable columns for smaller devices.
  • (enh #475): Correct grid grouping formatNumber JS method.
  • (enh #472): Update Spanish translations.
  • (enh #470): Having different editable models in one gridview column.

Version 3.1.1

Date: 10-Apr-2016

  • (enh #462): Fix responsiveness for smaller devices (resizableColumns overflow).
  • (enh #461): Export configuration font awesome enhancements.
  • (enh #458): Add Slovak Translations.
  • (enh #457): Implement array_replace_recursive instead of ArrayHelper::merge for overriding defaults.
  • (enh #455): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #450): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #445): Set default pjaxSettings enablePushState to match yii pjax defaults.
  • (enh #444): Set default PDF export encoding to utf8.
  • (enh #443): Enhance to show header in exported content when setting floatHeader.

Version 3.1.0

Date: 13-Jan-2016

  • (bug #438): Correct pjax validation for DataColumn.
  • (enh #437): Update Brazilian Portuguese Translations
  • (enh #436): Add branch alias for dev-master latest release.
  • (bug #434): Correct pjax validation for DataColumn.
  • (enh #407): Correct casting of primary key in ExpandRowColumn for composite and MongoId scenario.
  • (enh #402): Correct casting of primary key in EditableColumn for composite and MongoId scenario.

Version 3.0.9

Date: 10-Jan-2016

  • (enh #432): Enhancements for PJAX reinitialization.
  • (enh #431): Disable PJAX pushState by default to avoid plugin conflict on browser back forward.
  • (enh #420): Enhance EditableColumn to pass current model attribute as ajax posted data.
  • Sort entries in message files.
  • (enh #419): Create new EditableColumnAction class.
  • (bug #415): Fix double quote replace in csv export.
  • (enh #413, #410): Add Thai translations.

Version 3.0.8

Date: 05-Dec-2015

  • Update to release v1.3.2 of the mkoryak/floatThead plugin.
  • (enh #410): Updated Czech Translations.
  • (enh #399): Correct resizableColumns initialization for PJAX.
  • (enh #397): Updated Dutch Translations.
  • Regenerate and update message translations.
  • (enh #391): Toggle data enhancement with confirmation dialog for show all and hide maxCount.
  • (enh #390): Perfect scroll bars plugin enhancement.
  • Various coding style enhancements, optimizations, and fixes.
  • (enh #389): Various enhancements to table float header.
  • (bug #387): Rename Czech translation message folder from cz to cs.
  • (enh #380): Allow toolbar and panel classes/layouts to be overridden.
  • (bug #371): Allow tag to be set for rendering beforeHeader.
  • (bug #370): Enhance EditableColumn::refreshGrid validation.
  • (enh #347): New defaultPagination property to allow setting default to 'page' or 'all'.
  • (enh #303): Correct Safari specific limitation for jQuery slideDown animation in ExpandRowColumn.

Version 3.0.7

Date: 13-Sep-2015

  • (enh #365): Validate disabled checkbox rows for highlight in CheckboxColumn.
  • Better styling for revamped Select2 widget.
  • (enh #354): Add options to set resizableColumns plugin options.
  • (enh #352): Display expanded ajax content in ExpandRowColumn when initial value = ROW_EXPANDED.
  • (enh #336): Add enableCache property in ExpandRowColumn.

Version 3.0.6

Date: 15-Jul-2015

  • (enh #338): Various enhancements for grid excel export formatting.

Version 3.0.5

Date: 07-Jul-2015

  • (enh #334): Add grid grouping functionalities.
  • (enh #328): Add Turkish translations.
  • (enh #326): Zero width joiner for excel exports.
  • (enh #325): Various enhancements to client script registrations.
  • (enh #323): Prevent pjax:complete init script being called multiple times.
  • (enh #322): Send serialized data-key when ExpandRowColumn has a composite key.

Version 3.0.4

Date: 24-Jun-2015

  • (enh #321): Add Indonesian translations.
  • (enh #320): Trim trailing whitespaces from text/csv exports.

Version 3.0.3

Date: 15-Jun-2015

  • (enh #318): Fix post pjax setTimeout JS function.
  • (enh #317): Add missing spanish translations.
  • (enh #313): Add Czech translations.
  • (enh #311): Better defaulting of Select2 pluginOptions['width'].
  • (enh #310): Updated German Translations.
  • (enh #301): Add Greek Translations.
  • (enh #300): Add Lithuanian Translations.

Version 3.0.2

Date: 11-May-2015

  • (enh #296): Responsively wrap table columns for smaller screen devices.
  • (enh #291): ExpandRowColumn styling enhancements.
  • (enh #290): Allow expandOneOnly property behavior even if allowBatchToggle is set to false.
  • (enh #288): Enhance grid export plugin to clean up hyperlink tags within table header.
  • (enh #287): Allow columns to be highlighted on initialization of CheckboxColumn.
  • (enh #284, #282): Allow disabling click behavior for specific elements when ExpandRowColumn::enableRowClick is true.
  • (enh #272): New property ExpandRowColumn::expandOneOnly to allow only one row to expand at a time.
  • (enh #268): Fix BooleanColumn::falseIcon default.
  • (enh #263): Added fa-IR (Farsi) translations.
  • (enh #261): Allow initialization of ExpandRowColumn cells even if they are hidden.

Version 3.0.1

Date: 14-Mar-2015

  • (enh #257): Fix for detailOptions to be set as Closure in ExpandRowColumn.
  • (enh #256): New property extraData for sending extra data to ExpandRowColumn via ajax load call.
  • (enh #255): Enhance ExpandRowColumn to allow expand/collapse on row click.
  • (enh #253): Enhance EditableColumn refreshGrid behavior for multiple editable columns on the grid.
  • (bug #252): Fix undefined $filterInputOptions in DataColumn.
  • (bug #251): Fix ExpandRowColumn bug with disabled closure and unnecessary check for title.
  • (enh #250): Parse pjax setting in toggleData button to enable toggling pagination via pjax.
  • (enh #249): Add new properties toggleDataContainer and exportDataContainer for controlling button group options.
  • (enh #247): Add ability to set dropdownOptions for ActionColumn dropdown.
  • (enh #245): Various enhancements to grid pagination toggle.
  • (enh #239): Updated Russian translations.
  • (enh #237): Parse valueIfNull correctly within EditableColumn editableOptions.
  • (enh #229): Ability to set readonly rows in EditableColumn.
  • (enh kartik-v/yii2-dynagrid#47): Set a timeout for plugin reinitialization on pjax complete.
  • (enh #176): Allow displayValue to be overridden for editable column.

Version 3.0.0

Date: 13-Feb-2015

  • (enh #227): New grid column extension RadioColumn.
  • (enh #226): Updated Russian Translations.
  • (enh #221): Trim json exported fields by default.
  • (enh #218): Allow gridview to be used as a sub-module.
  • (bug #216): Fix resizable columns container identifier.
  • (bug #215): Add Simplified Chinese message translations.
  • Set copyright year to current.
  • (bug #214): Fix EditableColumn Closure use bug.
  • (enh #213): Default persistResize to false to prevent client caching of column widths.
  • (enh #209): Code cleanup and restructure for various JS lint changes (using JSHint Code cleanup library).
  • (enh #207): Fix EditableColumn to have absolute reference to Closure.
  • (enh #202, #203): Fix grid container overflow and responsive property.
  • (enh #200): Expand row loading indicator reset for ajax load.
  • (enh #198): Better container for initializing resizableColumns.
  • (bug #192): Correct value callback in FormulaColumn.
  • (bug #191): Correct Closure namespace for value validation in GridView.
  • (bug #190): Allow editable beforeInput in EditableColumn to be passed as Closure.
  • (enh #189): Various performance enhancements to client script and plugin registrations.
  • (enh #188): Eliminate filter row and all form inputs from export.
  • (enh #186): New feature - Allow resizing of columns like a spreadsheet.
  • (bug #185): Set right jQuery selector for grid table export.
  • (bug #184): Correct the dependency on kartik\mpdf\Pdf for export.
  • (bug #183): Implement alignment validation for content within ActionColumn.
  • Revamp to use new Krajee base Module and TranslationTrait.
  • (bug #180): Fix namespaces of classes.
  • Code formatting updates as per Yii2 coding style.
  • (bug #178): Enhance CheckboxColumn to allow contentOptions to be set as Closure.
  • (enh #178): New validation of contentOptions for all the extended grid Columns.

Version 2.9.0

Date: 26-Dec-2014

  • (bug #173): Ability to configure display of confirmation alert dialog before export.
  • (bug #172): Ability to configure export form submission target.

Version 2.8.0

Date: 16-Dec-2014

  • (enh #169): Enable itemsBefore and itemsAfter to be added for export dropdown menu.
  • (enh #168): Prevent user to rapidly toggle and break the expand row before expansion or collapse.
  • (bug #167): Fix Yii message parsing for Html5Input '$this->noSupport'.

Version 2.7.0

Date: 02-Dec-2014

  • (enh #158): Include demo messages for auto generating via config.
  • (enh #157): Recursively replace/merge PDF export configuration correctly.
  • (enh #156): Separate all JS / CSS assets and load only if the relevant functionality is needed.
  • (enh #154): Trap alert confirm dialog to allow export even after being hidden by browser do not show option.
  • (enh #152): Included prepend and append settings within pageSummaryOptions to prepend/append content to page summary.
  • (enh #150): New ExpandRowColumn added - allows to expand grid rows, show details, and load content via ajax.

Version 2.6.0

Date: 19-Nov-2014

  • (enh #145): Enhance style to enable floated header wrapper tables to autofit/expand inside panel.
  • (enh #144): Revamp templates to easily configure different parts of the grid panel layout. (BC breaking change).
  • (bug #143): Ability to disable / hide GridView panel footer.
  • (bug #142): Fix missing headers in export, due to improper floatThead settings.
  • (bug #141): Enhance EditableColumn to have unique attribute input ids yet the same name.
  • (enh #140): French translations added.
  • (enh #139): German translations updated.

BC Breaking Changes

  • Removed showFooter from panel array configuration. This can be now configured with footer option within the panel.
  • Removed layout from panel array configuration. This can be now configured with panelTemplate at the GridView level.
  • Renamed beforeTemplate property to panelBeforeTemplate.
  • Renamed afterTemplate property to panelAfterTemplate.
  • Renamed beforeContent tag used in panelBeforeTemplate to before.
  • Renamed afterContent tag to panelAfterTemplate to after.
  • EditableColumn attribute naming convention has changed. Developers do not need to use Model::loadMultiple method anymore and have the ability to directly use the $model->load method.


  • Templates have been simplified and consolidated to the following configurable properties:
    • panelTemplate: Template to render the complete grid panel.
    • panelHeadingTemplate: Template to render the heading block part of the panel.
    • panelBeforeTemplate: Template to render the before block part of the panel.
    • panelAfterTemplate: Template to render the after block part of the panel.
    • panelFooterTemplate: Template to render the footer block part of the panel.
  • The heading, footer, before, and after properties in the panel typically accepts a string to render in that particular block. All of these can be set to boolean false to hide them.
  • HTML attributes for each of the above containers are now configurable i.e via headingOptions, footerOptions, beforeOptions, and afterOptions properties in the panel array configuration.
  • Vast enhancements to CSS styling when using Float Table Header wrapper. This now ensures tables auto fits and expand rightly to fit inside the panel.

Version 2.5.0

Date: 17-Nov-2014

  • (bug #136): Fix IE specific errors in floatHeader when columns are hidden.
  • (bug #135): Upgrade to latest release of floatTHeader plugin.

Version 2.4.0

Date: 14-Nov-2014

  • (bug #133): Skip mPDF dependency when export is set to false.
  • (bug #132): Correct page summary calculation.

Version 2.3.0

Date: 07-Nov-2014

  • (bug #131): Fix missing options in toggleDataOptions initialization.
  • (enh #127): Enhance dependency validation and ability to install optional packages.
  • (enh #122): Hungarian translations added.
  • (enh #121): Portugese translations added.
  • (enh #116): Vietnamese translations added.
  • (bug #87): Fix key as object in mongodb.

Version 2.2.0

Date: 04-Nov-2014

  • (enh #122): Add Hungarian translations.
  • (enh #121): Add Portugese translations.
  • (bug #118): Validate if toggleGridData is used in the extension.
  • (enh #115): Add ability to plugin yii2-export extension for full grid data export.
  • (enh #114): Add hiddenFromExport property for all grid columns.
  • (enh #113): Enhance the PDF export generation method to allow generation of formatted reports.
  • (enh #112): Toggle data button to allow toggling between all data and paginated data.
  • (enh #110): Various export functionality enhancements):
    • Add a separate export popup progress window.
    • Setup a confirmation prompt to allow user to confirm if file is to be downloaded.
    • Separate messages configuration for all export related notifications.
    • Asynchronous export process on the separate window - and avoid any grid refresh
    • Set export mime types to be configurable
    • Add support for exporting new file types):
      • JSON export
      • PDF export (using yii2-mpdf extension)
    • Add functionality for full data export
    • Enhance icons formatting for export file types (and beautify optionally using font awesome)

Version 2.1.0

Date: 25-Oct-2014

  • (enh #111): Fix export button dropdown menu display for IE.
  • (enh #107): Cleanup and refactor GridView class code for better extensibility.
  • (enh #106): Set right class for GridView):):FILTER_DATE_RANGE.
  • (enh #99): Grid Export Plugins): Add ability to extend export dropdown.
  • (enh #96): Grid Plugins): Add ability to replace tags in gridview rendered layout.
  • (enh #95): Enhance export button dropdown feature.
  • (enh #94): Enhance and revamp toolbar.

Version 2.0.0

Date: 14-Sep-2014

  • (bug #92): Bug fix for generating multiple rows in header/footer.
  • PSR 4 alias change
  • (bug #88, #87, #85): Enhance EditableColumn to capture keys of various data types
  • (enh #83): Upgraded jQuery floatTheader plugin to latest version.
  • (enh #82): Created a reusable ColumnTrait for all custom yii2-grid columns.
  • (bug #81): CSS class kv-grid-hide configured for hidden columns.
  • (enh #80): Add hidden property for columns to be hidden from display but available on export.

Version 1.9.0

Date: 21-Aug-2014

  • (enh #74,76): Enhance EditableColumn to allow grid refresh on successful update.
  • (enh #73): Enhancement for EditableColumn options to be configured as callback.
  • (enh #72): Enhancement for EditableColumn beforeInput and afterInput.
  • (enh #67): Fix Chrome bug for displaying loading indicator on tbody.
  • (enh #65): Various enhancements to the widget to work with Pjax

Version 1.8.0

Date: 01-Aug-2014

  • (enh #60): Added a new EditableColumn column to the grid that uses the enhanced kartik\editable\Editable widget to make the grid content editable.
  • (enh #59, #58): Russian language translation included

Version 1.7.0

Date: 14-Jul-2014

  • (enh #57): Added containerOptions to grid layout for allowing configuration of the grid table container. This can be set to false to not display the container.

Version 1.6.0

Date: 10-Jul-2014

  • (enh #54): Grid Export Enhancements

  • Ability to preprocess and convert column data to your desired value before exporting. For example convert the HTML formatted icons for BooleanColumn to user friendly text like Active or Inactive after export.

  • Hide any row or column in the grid by adding one or more of the following CSS classes):

    • skip-export): Will skip this element during export for all formats (html, csv, txt, xls).
    • skip-export-html): Will skip this element during export only for html export format.
    • skip-export-csv): Will skip this element during export only for csv export format.
    • skip-export-txt): Will skip this element during export only for txt export format.
    • skip-export-xls): Will skip this element during export only for xls (excel) export format. These CSS can be set virtually anywhere. For example headerOptions, contentOptions, beforeHeader etc.
  • (enh #52): Upgraded float header plugin

  • Enhanced panel footer to have a consistent height whether pagination is displayed or not.

  • BooleanColumn icons have been setup as ICON_ACTIVE and ICON_INACTIVE constants in GridView.

  • ActionColumn content by default has been disabled to appear in export output. The skip-export CSS class has been set as default in headerOptions and contentOptions.

Version 1.5.0

Date: 04-Jul-2014

  • (enh #51): Enhanced GridView header and footer, to include additional headers/footers before or after default header/footer. The properties below can be set as an array or string):
    • Added beforeHeader property to configure additional header rows before the default grid header.
    • Added afterHeader property to configure additional header rows after the default grid header.
    • Added beforeFooter property to configure additional footer rows before the default grid footer.
    • Added afterFooter property to configure additional footer rows after the default grid footer.
  • Fixes #26 to #50.

Version 1.4.0

Date: 29-Apr-2014

  • (enh #25): Allow highlighting of selected row for a CheckboxColumn
    • Added rowHighlight property to set if a row needs to be highlighted
    • Added rowSelectedClass property to configure the CSS class for the highlighted row.
  • Fixes #20 to #24.

Version 1.3.0

Date: 18-Apr-2014

  • (enh #19): Gridview enhancements (export, toolbar, iframe)
    • Enable rendering of export without panel by passing {export} variable to grid layout property.
    • Enable rendering of toolbar without panel by passing {toolbar} variable to grid layout property.
    • Revamp export form to be submitted in a new window (in a non-intrusive manner)
  • Fixes #1 to #19.

Version 1.2.0

Date: 22-Mar-2014

  • Converted the extension into a module.
  • Export features enhanced for use across all browsers):
    • Save displayed grid as HTML
    • Save displayed grid as CSV
    • Save displayed grid as TEXT
    • Save displayed grid as XLS

Version 1.1.0

Date: 15-Mar-2014

  • Export features added through a brand new custom JQuery plugin):
    • Save displayed grid as HTML
    • Save displayed grid as CSV
  • Templates to modify positioning of the export menu and the panel before and after contents
  • Ability to display toolbar in the header.

Version 1.0.0

Date: 10-Mar-2014

Initial release


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