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Backend user & password: Login: admin Password: qwe1234

Installation and getting started:

If you do not have Composer, you may install it by following the instructions at

  1. Run the following command: php composer.phar create-project --stability=dev funson86/yii2-adminlte yii2-adminlte to install Yii2-Adminlte.
  2. Run command: cd /my/path/to/yii2-adminlte/ and go to main application directory.
  3. Run command: php requirements.php and check the requirements.
  4. Run command: php init to initialize the application with a specific environment.
  5. Create a new database and adjust it configuration in common/config/main-local.php accordingly.
  6. Run command: yii migrate to apply migrations with console commands:
    • m140608_201405_user_init : user table
    • m140608_201406_rbac_init : rabc 4 tables of auth_assignment, auth_item, auth_item_child, auth_rule. same to yiisoft/yii2/rbac/migrations/schema-mysql.sql
  7. This will create tables needed for the application to work.
  8. You also can use database dump from my/path/to/yii2-adminlte/tests/yii2-adminlte.sql, but however I recommend to use migrations.


  • Use the URL http://yii2-adminlte.domain point to yii2-adminlte/frontend/web/ to access application frontend.
  • Use the URL http://backend.yii2-adminlte.domain point to yii2-adminlte/backend/web/ to access application backend.

Advanced Rbac

  • Run command: yii migrate --migrationPath=@console/migrations/rbac to add permission, add more rbac file here while your project growing.
  • To check weather show on top menu or side bar, add 'visible' => Yii::$app->user->can('readPost'), in top-menu.php or sidebar-menu.php.
  • To check could run action. add if(!Yii::$app->user->can('createPost')) throw new HttpException(401, 'No Auth'); in actionIndex, actionCreate, actionUpdate in XXXController.php file.


By default will be created one super admin user with login admin and password qwe1234, you can use this data to sing in application frontend and backend.


  • Application backend it's based on "AdminLTE" template. More detail about this nice template you can find here.
  • Application frontend with default Yii2 advanced frontend page.





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  • 0.0126 December 2014


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