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Database extensions


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist dmstr/yii2-db "*"

or add

"dmstr/yii2-db": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.



Only include specific tables (schema & data dump)

  • yii db/x-dump --includeTables=table_1,table,2,table_3,...

Only include specific tables (data dump)

  • yii db/x-dump --includeTables=table_1,table,2,table_3,... --dataOnly=1

Dump all tables excluding specific tables (schema & data dump)

  • yii db/x-dump --excludeTables=table_1,table,2,table_3,...

Dump all tables excluding specific tables (data dump)

  • yii db/x-dump --excludeTables=table_1,table,2,table_3,... --dataOnly=1



Retrieves all eager loaded attributes of a model including relations. Once the extension is installed, simply use it in your code by accessing the corresponding classes by their full namespaced path.


runs database migrations from sql files

Create a file migration class

./yii migrate/create \
    --templateFile='@vendor/dmstr/yii2-db/db/mysql/templates/file-migration.php' init_dump


Include it in your console configuration

   'controllerMap' => [
        'db'         => [
            'class' => 'dmstr\console\controllers\MysqlController',
            'noDataTables' => [

Show help

./yii help db

Available commands


MySQL database maintenance command.


- db/create           Create MySQL database from ENV vars and grant permissions
- db/dump             Dumps current database tables to runtime folder
- db/index (default)  Displays tables in database



Option 1:

How to equip your active record model with access control

  • Use update migration in db/migrations/m160609_090908_add_access_columns

    • set all $tableNames to be updated and run migration

This migrations adds the available access check columns to your database table(s)

  • Add use \dmstr\db\traits\ActiveRecordAccessTrait; to your active record model

  • (update your cruds)

RBAC permissions

Permissions for selections

  • access.availableDomains:any

Permissions to set default values

  • access.defaults.accessDomain:global
  • access.defaults.updateDelete:<LANG>

Option 2:

Simply override this method in our AR model and set the access fields you have/want to the field names you have/want!


public static function accessColumnAttributes()
   return [
       'owner'  => 'access_owner',
       'read'   => 'access_read',
       'update' => 'access_update',
       'delete' => 'access_delete',
       'domain' => 'access_domain',


public static function accessColumnAttributes()
    return [
        'owner'  => 'user_id',          // the column name with owner permissions
        'read'   => 'read_permission',  // the column name with read permissions
        'update' => false,              // will do no access checks for update
        'delete' => false,              // will do no access checks for delete
        'domain' => 'language',         // the column name with the access domain permission

:secret: Congrats, you are now ready to manage specific access checks on your active records!

:bulb: Access options:

  • All access option *

  • specific rbac roles and permissions assignable

    • single or multi
      • *
      • Role1,Role2,Permission1,...
  • limit access to specific domain / language

    • de or en
  • Owner gets all access over other given permissions

    • every active record can have exact one owner right which stands above access_read, access_update, access_delete

Planned updates:

  • ActiveRecordAccessTrait
    • in cruds use select2 multi for inputs (domain, read, update, delete)
      • Setter: authItemArrayToString()
      • Getter: authItemStringToArray()

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