dhluther/yii2-swivel A Yii 2.0 plugin to provide easy access and integration with zumba/swivel


Yii 2.0 Extension for Zumba Swivel

This plugin provides the necessary elements for using Swivel in a Yii 2.0+ Application.

This plugin is based on the zumba/swivel-cake plugin.

Configuration for Yii Component:

By default, the component is assumed to be under the /protected/vendors/ directory, if your composer.json is under the protected folder. If you need to change that location, simply update the extensionAlias in the configuration array.

 'swivel' => [ 

Access from the application

// If the user has the feature behavior bucket enabled, use the testFeature.New.Something behavior,
// else use the default
Yii::$app->swivel->forFeature( 'testFeature' )
    ->addBehavior('New.Something', [$this,'doSomethingB'], $args)
    ->defaultBehavior([$this, 'doSomethingA'], $args )

// If the user has the feature behavior bucket enabled, use the first callable,
// else use the second callable (default)
Yii::$app->swivel->invoke('testFeature.New.Something', [$this,'doSomethingB'],[$this, 'doSomethingA']);

Make sure that your bootstrap file is set to properly include the composer autoloader.

In the index.php bootstrap:

require(__DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php');

Initialize the swivel table by running the following migration, after configuring the component in your application:

./yii migrate --migrationPath=@dhluther/swivel/migrations

The Swivel Libraries


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