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Most of web applications provide a way for users to register, log in or reset their forgotten passwords. Rather than re-implementing this on each application, you can use Yii2-user which is a flexible user management module for Yii2 that handles common tasks such as registration, authentication and password retrieval. The latest version includes following features:

  • Registration with an optional confirmation per mail
  • Registration via social networks
  • Password recovery
  • Account and profile management
  • Console commands
  • User management interface
  • Ability to impersonate as another user given admin access is available

NOTE: Module is in initial development. Anything may change at any time.


Read the Documentation for master

Read the Documentation for v0.9.12


All installation instructions are located in documentation.


If you have any questions or problems with Yii2-user you can ask them on our forum.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.


Yii2-user is released under the MIT License. See the bundled for details.



  • Fix: Update last_login_at when successfully logged in over oauth(#899)

0.9.12 [11 January 2017]

  • Fix: Fixed migrations (dmeroff)
  • Fix #832: Fixed admin view file (thyseus)
  • Enh #839: Order by most recent registration first (created_at DESC) by default (thyseus)

0.9.11 [10 January 2017]

  • Fix: Fixed migrations for postgresql (dmeroff)
  • Enh #794: Allow fast login without password when in DEBUG mode (thyseus)
  • Enh #826: Auth action added to auth rules (faenir)
  • Enh #820: Added ability to switch back to latest user after being impersonated (thyseus)
  • Enh #774: Added last_login_at column to user table (thyseus)

0.9.10 [8 January 2017]

  • Enh #767: Added support for MS SQL Server (tsdogs)
  • Enh #795: Added method getAccountByProvider to User model to get account model by provider name (dmeroff)
  • Fix #778: Migrations now use correct db component (dmeroff)
  • Fix #777: Rethrow exception on failed user creation or registration (dmeroff)
  • Enh #772, #791: Added ability to log into another user's accoun (thyseus)
  • Fix #761: Fixed EVENT_AFTER_CONFIRM not triggering on user creation (dmeroff)
  • Fix #757: Fixed tabindex order in security/login.php view (dmeroff)

0.9.9 [13 August 2016]

  • Enh #746: Changed AccessRule to check other roles/permissions (markux)
  • Enh #649: Updated test suite to codeception 2.2 (dmeroff)
  • Enh #725: Removed message that user is not registered in Recovery and Resend forms (dmeroff)
  • Fix #747: Fixed reverting migrations on PostgreSQL (dmeroff)

0.9.8 [09 August 2016]

  • Fix: Fixed Yandex auth client (dmeroff)

0.9.7 [09 August 2016]

  • Enh: Updated Yii2-authclient required version to 2.1.0 (dmeroff)
  • Fix: Max password length set to 72 chars (dmeroff)
  • Enh #378: Added events before and after confirmation (dmeroff)
  • Enh #593: Added option to allow users to remove their accounts (dmeroff)
  • Enh #705: Jui datepicker dependency has been removed (dmeroff)
  • Enh #648: Refactored ajax validation trait (dmeroff)
  • Enh #581, #164: Added ability for users to set their timezones (yarrgh)

0.9.6 [27 March 2016]

  • enh Added new method to Profile model to get avatar url (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed translations sourceLanguage (thezilla-)
  • enh Added ability to grant access to admin part via roles (Talwoasc)
  • fix Fixed postgresql migrations (kfreiman, drxwat)
  • enh Improved login widget (dmeroff)
  • enh Support for custom admin role via access control rule out of the box #510 (dmeroff)
  • fix Removed ability to register a new account via social network when registration is disabled #512 (dmeroff)
  • fix Added check if profile model exists in Settings controller #497 (dmeroff)
  • enh Added event triggers to most of actions #411 (dmeroff)
  • enh Added LinkedIn client #496 (SamMousa)

0.9.5 [27 September 2015]

  • fix Don't set mailer subject in bootstrap #451 (dmeroff)
  • enh Remove old user tokens with same type while creating new #340 (dmeroff)
  • fix Forbid ability to login via networks for blocked users #434 (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed problems with url rules #351 (dmeroff)
  • enh Regenerate auth_key after blocking the user (dmeroff)
  • enh Improved registration process #236 (dmeroff)
  • fix Ensure user/index works without php-intl extension #370 (thyseus)
  • fix Fixed display of confirmation time #361 (pedros80)
  • fix Do not limit username length to 25 chars #369 (thyseus)

0.9.4 [6 April 2015]

  • enh Added ability to override translations (dmeroff)
  • enh Improved authentication via social networks (dmeroff)
  • enh Added Latvian translation (uldisn)
  • enh Added redirect to index page when logged in user tries to access login page (thiagotalma)
  • fix Updated Italian translation (maxxer)
  • enh Added usage of adminEmail param as default sender name if set (thiagotalma)
  • enh Added link to registration page on login form (thiagotalma)
  • enh Improved username regexp (thiagotalma)
  • fix Updated translations for Portuguese language (invaderhd & thiagotalma & andredp)
  • enh Added integration with Yii2-rbac (dmeroff)
  • enh Improved admin views and controller (dmeroff)
  • enh Added datepicker in user grid view (dmeroff)

0.9.3 [9 February 2015]

  • fix Fixed bug with inability to connect network account #275 (dmeroff)
  • enh Added turkish translation (veyselsahin)
  • enh Added lithuanian translation (vilkazz)
  • fix Fixed button css on profile settings page (sosojni)
  • enh Hidden recovery link when enablePasswordRecovery is false (marsuboss)
  • fix Fixed gravatar hash creation (nigelterry)
  • fix Fixed invalid redirection after changing account settings (WeeSee)
  • fix Updated messages to be more readable (jspaine)
  • fix Reverted initialization of user component (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed bug on confirmation and recovery when invalid token was used (anders-akero)

0.9.2 [14 January 2015]

  • enh Improved initialization of user application component (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed encoding problem with plain text email messages (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed migration (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed overriding of mailer view files (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed troubles with overriding user search model (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed bug when model was defined as array in modelMap (dmeroff)
  • fix Removed ajax-request flood on login form (thiagotalma)
  • enh Added th translation (kongoon)

0.9.1 [1 January 2015]

  • fix Fixed overriding of active record models (dmeroff)
  • fix Fixed pt-BR translation (thiagotalma)

0.9.0 [30 December 2014]

  • fix Changed ip field type to VARCHAR(45) to handle IPv6 (dmeroff)
  • enh Improved mailer component (dmeroff)
  • enh Updated flash messages and added new module option to disable them (dmeroff)
  • enh Added ajax-validation (dmeroff)
  • enh Added secured email changing strategy (dmeroff)
  • chg Removed ability to delete or block your own account from admin pages (dmeroff)
  • chg Updated create and update admin pages (dmeroff)
  • chg Updated admin index page (dmeroff)
  • chg Removed auto-injecting module in application (belerophon)
  • chg Removed Mailcatcher dependency from test suite (dmeroff)
  • chg Refactored all models (dmeroff)
  • enh Refactored model overriding system (dmeroff)

0.8.2 [14 December 2014]

  • fix Fixed croatian translation (trbsi)
  • fix Fixed spanish translation (abolivar)
  • chg Added persian farsi translation (bepehr)
  • chg Added hungarian translation (akosk)
  • chg Added dutch translation (infoweb-internet-solutions)
  • fix Fixed pt_BR translate (thiagotalma)
  • fix Fixed relation between User and Profile (anders-akero)
  • fix Fixed translations (sosojni)
  • fix Added registration_ip label (sosojni)

0.8.1 [13 October 2014] Yii 2.0.0 compatible

  • fix Fixed test suite (dmeroff)
  • chg Updated composer.json (dmeroff)
  • chg Added check for enableConfirmation for resending link (makroxyz)
  • fix Fixed compatibility with PostgreSQL (makroxyz)

0.8.0 [5 October 2014] Yii 2.0.0-rc compatible

  • fix Updated admin grid view (hoksilato)
  • fix Recovery token is now deleted after recovery process (mrarthur)
  • fix Registration_ip is now filled with user ip address on registration (mrarthur)
  • chg Refactored email change process (dmeroff)
  • enh Added account settings page and removed email and password settings pages (dmeroff)
  • enh Added tab index on login page (maxxer)
  • enh Added getIsAdmin method on user model (maxxer)
  • fix Fixed bug when registration page was not available with enableConfirmation option disabled (marsuboss)

0.7.0 [31 August 2014]

  • Reverted removing registration without password
  • Updated test suite
  • Added new translations
  • Added options to configure url rules (#99)
  • Added new advanced configuration (#93) (BC break)
  • Refactored registration, confirmation, password recovery
  • Updated database structure (BC break)

0.6.0 [04 May 2014]

  • Supported MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Added login widget
  • Added registration via social networks
  • Moved Pass*Field to separate extension
  • Updated login process: user can log in using email or username
  • Fixed bug when user password has not been updated from admin panel
  • Added Vietnamese translation
  • Refactored test suite
  • Added Mailer component
  • Added ModelManager component
  • Removed factory
  • Updated composer.json
  • Added bootstrap class that configures module automatically
  • Removed custom User component
  • Removed registration without password
  • Removed default controller
  • Removed captcha from all forms
  • Updated i18n messages and translations
  • Updated view files

v0.5.1 [22 March 2014]

  • Fixed documentation issues
  • Fixed bug when registration date was not displayed on profile page
  • Removed checking of user role in admin controller

v0.5.0 [20 March 2014]

  • Refactored User model
  • Added profile page
  • Refactored tests
  • Added user settings page
  • Updated admin views
  • Added account blocking
  • Updated database schema
  • Added Pass*Field library

v0.4.0 [6 February 2014]

  • Added list of available actions
  • Added user management (create, update, delete, confirm)
  • Added installation and configuration guide
  • Refactored forms
  • Enabled Trackable as default
  • Removed Registration form
  • Fixed bug with captcha
  • Added prefix usage in migrations and model
  • Refactored way of sending emails
  • Modified mail views with Really Simple Responsive HTML Email Template
  • Added factory class
  • Merged interfaces into new one

v0.3.0 [16 January 2014]

  • Added console commands
  • Refactored test suite
  • Added 'simple' registration (when password is generated automatically)
  • Refactored forms
  • Extracted interfaces for identity class
  • Added registration form class
  • Added optional captcha on login, registration, resend and recovery pages
  • Added access control in recovery controller

v0.2.0 [12 December 2013]

  • Added russian translation
  • Added password recovery feature
  • Added different login types: email, username, both
  • Added regular expression on validating username

v0.1.0 [29 November 2013]

  • Initial release


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