charlesportwoodii/galnet-api Galnet News Network API (GNNA)

Galnet News API (GNA)

Your galaxy, in JSON

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This code has not been created in association with Frontier Developments and is unsupported by them, and may break at any time. Use at your own risk.

For licensing information check the file. now redirects here. The free JSON API will no longer be made available. You are free to run your own instance of galnet-api. On Oct 16, 2018 I will release from my current registrar. Please update your API endpoints before that time.

What is GNA

GNA is your comprehensive API endpoint for Galnet News articles.

How to use GNA?

Be sure to reference the folder for more information about each API endpoint.


There are several ways you can contribute to the development of GNA:

  • Submit a PR with a new feature
  • Create a detailed issue
  • Donate money to support hosting


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