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CiiMS is a fast, simple, and easy to use, full feature blogging platform and content management system built in Yii. CiiMS is, and will always be free to use and open-source.


CiiMS 2.0.2 Released

CiiMS 2.0.2 is now available. Checkout the release notes for more information.


CiiMS can be quickly installed through composer. For more information about installing CiiMS, checkout the installation guide.

composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev charlesportwoodii/ciims {path} 2.0.2
cd {path}
composer dump-autoload -o


How fast is CiiMS? In a post-installation comparison, using out of the box (non-debug) configurations over SSL, CiiMS outperforms Ghost, Wordpress, Bolt, and OctoberCMS in a 100 user, 10 minute siege test. CiiMS s nearly 30% faster than Ghost, and over 130% faster than Wordpress.

- DigitalOcean 512MB Box
- Ubuntu 14.04 x64 LTS
- Percona Server 5.6
- PHP 5.6.6
    - Zend Opcache  
- Nginx 1.7.9
- Node 0.10.36

Performance Comparison


A beautiful default theme

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A powerful dashboard with custom JavaScript cards

![CiiMS Dashboard](

Easily browse all content entries

![Content List View](

Powerful content editor

![CiiMS Editor](


Full documents for CiiMS can be found at Please refer to this guide for installation instructions, development guidelines, and a list of available CLI commands


  • Based on Yii Framework
  • Installs in 30 seconds
  • Utilizes Composer
  • Beautiful Default Theme
  • Supports Markdown Extra
  • SEO Optimized (Sitemap XML, URL Slugs, SEO Meta Tags)
  • Password Protected Content
  • Site wide and Category Specific RSS Feeds
  • Multiple Content Type Support
  • Interchangeable Caching Systems (Redis, APC, Memcache, Files)
  • Low Memory Footprint
  • Themable
  • Social Integration (Social Signon, Social Sharing)
  • Extendable with custom modules, extensions, themes, and cards
  • Beautiful and functional dashboard for managing your content and settings.
  • i18n files provided for translations
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easily install new themes and cards from in a single click
  • And a bunch of other things!


As modern blogging platform meant for the next 10 years of writing, CiiMS' requirements are high. To ensure you have all the necessary requirements, CiiMS has a dedicated requirements checker that will run after installing the necessary composer dependencies and will notify you of any missing dependencies.

The requirements checker can be run manually by running: php ./vendor/ciims/requirements/index.php


The following extensions/applications are recommended to improve performance.


If you require support, submit a Github issue and I'll look into it as soon as I can.

How Can I Contribute?

We <3 Contributers!

  • Submit a detailed bug report
  • Implement a new feature
  • Fix a bug
  • Write additional unit & functional tests
  • Translate CiiMS into your favorite/local language
  • Create dashboard cards
  • Create themes


BSD-3--Clause. See for more details.


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2.0.2 is the latest of 6 releases

MIT license
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