asinfotrack/yii2-toolbox Yii2-Toolbox is a collection of useful helpers, widgets etc. extending the basic functionality of Yii2



Yii2-Toolbox is a collection of useful helpers, widgets etc. extending the basic functionality of Yii2


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

"asinfotrack/yii2-toolbox": "~1.0.1"


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This URL manager implements memory-functionality for urls. This enables for example to keep the state (sorting, filtering and paging) of a GridView across requests. The default configuration saves this data in the session variable and appends the params to the links.

The usage is very easy. Simply set this class as the url manager in your Yii-config and specify the additional attributes according to the example below and the documentation within the class.

Example of a config:

// ...


        //the controller
            //the action
                //regex rules...if a param matches a rule it will be memorized
                //if a rule is specified like this, the regex is only enabled if the callback returns true
                'page'=>function() {
                    return rand(0,1) == 1;

        //modules work the same, except they have one level more
                //the action
                    //regex rules...if a param matches a rule it will be memorized

// ...

Each entry in the memoryMap can be a string representing a regex to match params to save. You can optionally use the regex-rule as key and a callback returning a boolean as the value. In this case the rule is only active when the callback returns true


Response formatter for images. You need to add the formatter to the config as follows:

'response' => [
    // ...
    // ...

After that you can use it to output images via actions easily:

public function actionAvatar()
    Yii::$app->response->format = 'img_png';
    return file_get_contents($pathToMyImage);

Additional response formatter for handling PDF-requests. You need to add the formatter to the config like this:

'response' => [
    // ...
    // ...

After that you can use it to output PDFs via actions easily:

public function actionPdf()
    //create pdf with some library (eg FPDF)
    $pdf = new FPDF();
    // ...

    $response = Yii::$app->response;
    $response->data = $pdf->Output();
    $response->format = 'pdf';

Extends \yii\web\User with the ability to check multiple rights at once (canAll, canAny, canOne).

ProgressiveImageGd and ProgressiveImageImagick

Both classes extend the image drivers of yurkinx/yii2-image to enable progressive encoding of jpg-files. To use it, simply call the factory-class asinfotrack\yii2\toolbox\helpers\ImageFactory::createInstance($path, $driver=self::DRIVER_GD) to get an instance and proceed working. Make sure either GD- or Imagick-Library is enabled.



The button-widget extends the one provided by yii2. It adds functionality to specify an icon. The Icons depend on font-awesome and hence require the yii2-extension rmrevin/yii2-fontawesome


An ajax button to toggle boolean values (1, 0). Together with AjaxAttributeAction this makes it very easy to toggle boolean flags. The widget-attribute booleanAttribute is used only for reading out values. Therefore you have to respecify this in the controller-action (step 2 below).

Example of usage together with AjaxAttributeAction:

<?= AjaxToggleButton::widget([
    'options'=>['class'=>'btn-primary btn-xs'],

Now attach an instance of AjaxAttributeAction in the corresponding controller of the model specified:

public function actions()
    return [

This widget renders flash messages automatically. The messages can be automatically retrieved from yiis session-component or be provided via a custom callable.

Example of simple usage rendering yiis session flashes each in its own alert-container:

<?= FlashMessages::widget() ?>

Advanced usage with custom callback to provide flash messages:

<?= FlashMessages::widget([
    'loadFlashesCallback'=>function() {
        return ['info'=>'Hello', 'danger'=>'World!'];
]) ?>

Renders a Bootstrap-Panel. You can either set its body via attribute or between begin() and end(). The attributes heading, body and footer support setting via string or via Closure returning a string. Exemplary usage:

<?php Panel::begin([
    'heading'=>Html::tag('h3', 'Welcome!'),
    'footer'=>function() {
        return Yii::$app->formatter->asDatetime(time());
]); ?>

    <p>Hello world! This is a simple panel with a heading.</p>

<?php Penel::end(); ?>

Simple navigation widget which has the same functionality as the regular nav-widget (\yii\bootstrap\Nav) but renders a plain and simple HTML-list which can then be further styled with css. No dropdown...just clean code!


Renders a variable amount of stats boxes with title, icon and a value. This is ideal for a detail view of a model.


Tabs widget which remembers its active tab via javascript sessionStorage


Wrapper-widget to simplify work with video tag

Grid column-types

The column types provided extend the functionality of the basic \yii\grid\DataColumn. The class is AdvancedDataColumn. It has functionality to align text, set the column with with either absolute or percent values etc.

Additionally there are three further column types:

  • AdvancedActionColumn further functionality for the action column (rights per button, etc.)
  • AdvancedDataColumn base class for regular data displaying with advanced functionality
  • BooleanColumn optimized for rendering boolean values
  • IdColumn optimized for rendering id values with or without code-tags
  • LinkColumn renders links (which can be generated using a closure)



Makes working with HEX- or RGB-colors easy! It can translate between the two formats, lighten or darken colors as well as creating steps between two colors. You can also use it to get a colors luminance or validate color-values. Short HEX-Formats are supported automatically.


Helper class to work with component-configurations


Makes working with drop downs easier. Especially if you need additional options per item


Helper class to work with google geocoding api's. It enables you to do one-call forward and reverse geocoding


Extends the Html-helper of Yii2 with additional functionality like disguising email-addresses, bootstrap-elements, text-highlighting, etc.


Factory-class to create instances of image drivers. To use it, simply call createInstance($path, $driver=self::DRIVER_GD) to get an instance and proceed working. Make sure either GD- or Imagick-Library is enabled.


Helper for common tasks concerning migrations (eg checking if a migration was applied, etc).


Functionalities to work with PKs of \yii\db\ActiveRecord and to convert them into JSON


Recurring tasks while working wth ActiveQueries


Provides functionality to fetch the most important server vars and to check if certain extensions are loaded


This helper is responsible for common tasks associated with UNIX-Timestamps. It also has a function to parse dates into timestamps (extracted functionality of the yii date validator)


This helper extends the basic functionality of the Yii2-Url-helper. It provides functionality to retrieve information about the currently requested url, such as TLD, subdomains, etc.


ArchiveBehavior / ArchiveQueryBehavior

Enables a model to be archived or not. This is similiar to a soft-delete but with the idea of not deleting a record but archive it instead. The behavior is fully configurable and there is also a behavior for the corresponding query-class.

StateBehavior / StateQueryBehavior

Documentation coming soon!



A generic and very convenient action to modify model-values via ajax-calls. See the class comments for how to configure this action.

There is also an example further up in the description of AjaxToggleButton.


The debug action shows you relevant information about the current configuration of the hosting. It also shows you all kind of configs right in the browser.

To enable it, all you have to to is add it to the actions()-method of a controller of your choice and provide a view to render its contents into.

public function actions()
    return [
        // ...
        // ...

Within that view you simply output the contents with this statement:

<?= $content ?>



Validator to require a certain amount of fields out of a list to be required. To use the validator simply specify the selection of attributes and set how many of it are required:

public function rules()
    return [
        // ...
        [['phonePrivate','phoneWork','mobile'], SelectiveRequiredValidator::className(), 'errorAttribute'=>'phonePrivate'],
        // ...



Log target which outputs to the console


Has additional functionality simplifying repeating tasks while creating migrations.



Throws code 410 marking a link as expired. This is helpful if for example a meeting is over or a record was archived.


The provided Gii-Generators fix general formatting issues in the default code-templates (eg spaces instead of tabs, etc.).


To enable the provided Generators you need to update the gii config as follows:

    // ...
    // ...

Timestamp- and BlameableBehaviour are added by default. Also there is an optional font-awesome icon-name assignable per model. This can later be retrieved via Model::iconName(). Also there is a query-class generated by default.


The CRUD-templates also fix common issues and are optimized for the model



  • removed redundant added null check
  • removed redundant method call setDate in Timestamp
  • disabled libxml_use_internal_errors in DebugAction
  • fixed javascript erros in TabsWithMemory
  • added $storageKey to TabsWithMemory
  • fixed bug in Timestamp-Helper
  • refactored Timestamp-Helper (BREAKING CHANGE!)
  • bug fix tab memory js
  • bug fix tab memory with anchor
  • added option to change storage type
  • Adding icon component for centralized icon handling
  • WATCH OUT: The font awesome library is now optional and must be included manually in your project. It will then be used automatically if present.
  • Refactoring AdvancedAction column to reflect changes in the parent class during the last few yii2 releases
  • Reverted license description in composer.json
  • Minor improvement of SimpleNav
  • Updated license
  • Bugfix in archive behavior where already set archived value would be overwritten during insert
  • Removed dependency from codeception as it is unneeded and bloats the extension
  • Bugfix with ArchiveBehavior where table-name was missing (lead to conflicts with relations)
  • General-dependency update
  • Major cleanup
  • Updated Gii-templates and generators
  • Video-widget added
  • General-dependency update and adding image-functionality
  • Resolved compatibility issue of AdvancedActionColumn when template was specified as a callback with Yii 2.0.11
  • Geocoding helper added
  • Query helper added
  • Url helper extended with isInIpRange()-method
  • first stable release


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