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Yii 2 usuario is a highly customizable and extensible user management, RBAC management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 module extension.

It works extensively with Yii's Container making it really easy to override absolutely anything within its core. The module is built to work out of the box with some minor config tweaks and it comes with the following features:

  • Backend user/profile/account management
  • Backend RBAC management
  • Login via username/email + password process
  • Login via social network process
  • Password recovery process
  • Two-Factor authentication process
  • Google reCaptcha

We considered that RBAC was essential to be included into any user management module, even if you simply use one user with admin role, its much better to actually work with RBAC just in case your application scales in the future.


You can read the latest docs on http://yii2-usuario.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Need Help?

If you have issues, please use the Gitter room of this repository https://gitter.im/2amigos/yii2-usuario. Please, remember that we may not be online all the time. We expect that we can build a community around the users of this module


Please, read our CONTRIBUTION guidelines.


This module is highly inspired by the excellent work of Dektrium on both of its modules:

In fact, we have used some of its processes, commands, views, and some of its attribute names to somehow standardize the modules and make it easier for our developers to swap from Dektrium's modules to our own.

Beyond Software



1.1.5 - Work in progress

  • Enh #184: Add last-login-ip capture capability (kartik-v)
  • Enh: Changed View::render() calls in views to use absolute paths (ajmedway)
  • Fix #169: Fix bug in ReCaptchaComponent (BuTaMuH)
  • Fix #168: Fix spelling in russian language (EvgenyOrekhov)

1.1.4 - February 19, 2018

  • Enh: Check enableEmailConfirmation on registration (faenir)
  • Fix #154: Fix DateTime constructor with Unix timestamps (tonydspaniard)

1.1.2-3 - February 9, 2018

  • Bug: Bugfix for Model events UserEvent::EVENT_BEFORE_CONFIRMATION and UserEvent::EVENT_AFTER_CONFIRMATION (ajmedway)
  • Bug: Bugfix for Model events UserEvent::EVENT_BEFORE_CREATE and UserEvent::EVENT_AFTER_CREATE (ajmedway)
  • Enh #137: Added the ability to make enableAutologin configurable (pappfer)
  • Enh #135: Added Estonian translation (tonisormisson)
  • Bug #133: Fix user search returning no results in admin page (phiurs)
  • Bug #125: Fix validation in non-ajax requests (faenir)
  • Bug #122: Fix wrong email message for email address change (liviuk2)
  • Bug #102: Implemented password expiration feature (maxxer)
  • Enh #143: Introduced "conflict" configuration in composer.json (maxxer)
  • Enh #145: Allowed the + sign in username (maxxer)
  • Bug #9: Documentation about migration from Dektrium tools (maxxer)
  • Bug #110: Honor enableFlashMessages in PasswordRecoveryService (maxxer)

1.1.1 - November 27, 2017

  • Bug #115: Convert client_id to string because pgsql fail with type convertion (Dezinger)
  • Bug #119: Security fix: add AccessControl to RuleController (Dezinger)
  • Enh #120: 2FA i18n russian translation (Dezinger)
  • Bug #111: Fix migration for PostgreSQL DBMS (MKiselev)
  • Bug #106: Correct exception value returned in MailEvent::getException (kartik-v)
  • Enh #99: Added German translation (jkmssoft)
  • Enh #100: Added pt-BR translation (gugoan)
  • Enh #105: Consolidate 2fa messages (maxxer)
  • Fix #108: Use main logger app (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #109: Make use of better classes names (tonydspaniard)

1.1.0 - October 22, 2017

  • Enh #91: Documentation for Mail events (kartik-v)
  • Enh #79: Enhancements to Mailer exception handling and events (kartik-v)
  • Fix #85: External links should open in a new tab|window (eseperio)
  • Enh #23: Provide administrator with an option to reset user password (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #55: Provide google recaptcha mechanism (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #20: Allow the assignment of a role on user creation via console (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #59: Add instructions to add rbac migration path (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #68: Fix user events documentation and events raised from User model (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #69: Log level when user can't register should be L_ERROR (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #81: Update AccessRuleFilter to evaluate roleParams (kartik-v)
  • Enh #56: Added two factor authentication (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #63: Fix selectize version (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #65: Updated Romanian translation (mrbig00)
  • Enh #61: Updated Russian translation (faenir)
  • Enh #70: Allow permission-permission parent-child relationship (Philosoft)
  • Enh #82: Updated Polish translation (bizley)
  • Enh #83: Updated Russian translation (Katenkka)
  • Fix #87: Fix wrong documentation info (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #86: Fix view location bug (tonydspaniard)

1.0.13 - August 12, 2017

  • Fix #49: Fix wrong call of method make() for set attributes (MKiselev)
  • Enh #46: Use safeUp()/safeDown() instead up()/down() in migrations (MKiselev)
  • Fix #51: Typo fix rememberLoginLifeSpan to rememberLoginLifespan (MKiselev)
  • Fix #58: Last login fix (pappfer)

1.0.12 - August 6, 2017

  • Bug Fix: Modify ResetPasswordService to forcely update password_hash field (tonydspaniard)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed wrong routing misspell (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #41: Remove deprecated package yii2-codeception (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #45: Added option to display the password to the welcome email (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #44: Check if the password is empty instead for null value (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #43: Added Table options according to driver type (tonydspaniard)
  • Fix #42: Allow setting permissions as children to roles (kurounin)

1.0.10-11 - July 25, 2017

  • Fix #37: Fix bower alias in test environment (tekord)
  • Enh #32: Added Italian Translation (maxxer)
  • Fix #30: Prefill username and email in SettingsForm (mattheobjornson)
  • Enh #39: Added last_login_at field to user table (pappfer)

1.0.9 - July 19, 2017

  • Enh #22: Added impersonation feature (tonydspaniard)

1.0.8 - July 16, 2017

  • Enh #25: Added option to manage rules (tonydspaniard)
  • Enh #25: Added SelectizeDropDownList widget to Role and Permission forms (tonydspaniard)


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